Wednesday, May 22, 2024

They Don't Hide It


Trump and MAGA Republicans aren’t hiding who they are. The only mystery is how anyone finds it appealing. There follow examples that smack more gobs than normal people have at their disposal. If “normal” hadn’t, in the post-Gingrichian and current Trumpian eras, become so far below normal.

In Louisiana, Republican legislators have voted to end mandatory lunch breaks for child workers, because of course. This follows a trend within several red states to weaken other laws protecting children. (Republican child-protection ends at birth.) It makes sense: when Trump, as promised, deports millions of immigrants, shortages of workers will become so severe that, absent allowing (or forcing) children to work all day will be the only thing keeping the economy going. Forced birth might be part of the plan, too. 

Taking no back seat to Cajuns, North Carolina legislators are proposing to make wearing masks illegal. It’s on brand: being considerate to yourself and others is woke nonsense. Shopping at Walmart, packing ARs: that’s their kind of considerate. They might have to mandate diapers, though, for their breakless children. 

Who they are in Florida is Governor and VP won’ta-be Ron DeSantis banning mention of climate change in state documents. Florida: at risk for and already suffering from its effects more than most states. If no one mentions it, it’ll go away from there, like American history. Or would, if it weren’t just a wokes hokes. 

Elise Stefanik, R-NY, who once and rightly excoriated Trump as the horrible human he’s always been, unglued herself when reminded of that as she jockeys for veepnesshood. And let’s not forget totally glued MTG, pushing Trump's latest lie. 

Unironically and presumably unaware of how toolishly ridiculous they looked, decked out in matching cultish Trump costumery – identical dark blue suits and red ties – a cluster of confederates complicitly condemned the criminal court where Trump is called to account for crimes for which he was indicted by a grand jury that considered the evidence and voted to charge him.

Then there was Squeaker of the House, Mike Johnson, second in line to assume the presidency if God so chooses. Killing irony like MAGAs claim Democrats do newborns, he accused President Biden, who isn’t, of doing what Trump has ofttimes promised: using the DOJ (and FBI and IRS) as his personal vendetta apparatus.

That someone in that position lies so freely, defending such a manifestly dangerous person, ought to worry everyone: calling corrupt the system of justice that, imperfect though it may be, is being followed to the Constitutional letter. Besides which, the current trial is in a state court for state-defined felonies. Biden’s DOJ has nothing to do with it. Nor is he involved with pursuing Trump’s federal crimes. Foxotrumpic dishonest repetitions notwithstanding.

To repeat: adhering to the Constitution, crimes were asserted; evidence was presented to a grand jury; an indictment was issued; after myriad delays by Trump, the absence of which could have had it over with well before now, allowing him to lie his way through rallies at will, a trial began; prosecution and defense made their arguments; a jury will decide innocence or guilt. Those Trump-suited clowns’ repetition of “if they can do it to him they can do it to you” applies only if you commit crimes like his. In which case, you’d deserve it. That’s how it works. There’s nothing unfair about it.

If there’s judicial corruption, it’s the Supreme Court agreeing to review the lower court ruling which laid out exactly why Trump’s immunity claim is meritless. SCOTUS could have let it stand but chose to take it and delay ruling on it, leaving all pending Trump trials to fester till after the election. And Trump’s grateful Judge Cannon, foot-dragging ruling on the stolen documents case, to similar effect. The documents case is the most indisputable and second-most serious crime of them all. 

There’s nothing more SCOrrupt than Justices Thomas and Alito refusing to recuse from J6-related cases, when the former’s wife is so involved, and when Alito has flown his sympathies like an inverted flag. Thanks to their lifetime appointments, they don’t have to care; lucky for them, they don’t. Alito, it should also be said, is the most undisguisedly partisan Justice in modern times. 

Is anyone surprised that Trump, having announced his intent to testify at the current trial, won’t? It’s reminiscent of his taking the Fifth hundreds of times, after previously stating that only guilty people do so. Or, having warned that if Joe Biden became president we’d see a crash of stock markets like “no one has ever seen,” after record highs are surpassed weekly, that he’s now saying it’s because Wall Street thinks he’ll win. For three years?

Repeated lies, conspiracies, intentional division, false promises, and phony predictions are who Trump is. Predictably, he’s mouthing the same warning of economic disaster if Joe is reelected. And yet, millions of people still believe whatever he says. It’s not normal.


  1. "They might have to mandate diapers, though, for their breakless children."

    First thing I thought was "Why didn't I think of that!?"

    I now understand why I never became a millionaire. I was raised by my grandma. I really missed out I guess.

    How'd I miss that with all these healthy kids around? Talk about not seeing the forest through the trees?

  2. "The documents case is the most indisputable and second-most serious crime of them all."

    As we all know...The worst crime was the way his parents raised him.

  3. The idea isn't the crime. It's the judge. A mobster staple when it comes to running a friction free business. No taxes. Important people bought. Circle the wagons to protect themselves from the "have nots".

    Square that circle by engaging the "have nots" in violence. Keep them busy hating something, anything. Soros is an oldie but a goody. "Hillary" "Brandon"...They speak in simple terms. Hey, they used to grunt and draw on the walls of their caves. Progress! The genuine article "Useful idiots". Millions of them! That's way better than Hitler and the "Night of the knives" or "The night of broken windows". There were relatively few who toppled the govt. Once that occured? Everything after was the result. That's exactly where we are headed. All of us.

    If you want to thank a vet for their service? VOTE!
    Then say "Thank you for your service. I vote in every election now because of you." Because honestly. Being thanked is nice. But we generally shun that kind of attention in the Marines anyway. Medals are in that category. Other services have elaborate medals, covers, sashes, lanyards, badges etc. It honestly feels more like the boy scouts earning merit badges.

    Compare that to the MAGA Nazi cult. We here in Seattle had the most cops at the 1/6 riot. Five to be exact. Is it any wonder why they are under feds. watch? They want to invade courts, schools, polling places, city councils and so on. They care not about votes. Just like the Confederacy. Their problem was how to survive w/o slaves. It was unimaginable to them and they were outnumbered and the longer they waited. The more entrenched abolitionists would become.

    We are at that same point here in the USA. Exactly that same point. It's easy to stop. Simply vote. Be an active civic student. Find something that's important to you and follow it. Then branch from there into anything you are interested in and take a subbie for info. Know who who are voting for the day you get your ballot. Mail it out the same day or next at the latest. Get everyone you know to do the same if they want. No need for groups or labels. That's how we stop this Nazi rise to power. The mob. Russia and the Arabs. N. Korea and China et ilk. Axis of evil is organised crime. Not a military world power.


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