Sunday, October 24, 2010



Anonymous said...

OK, Sid, don't want your Video in the middle of a Forest to go unheard...
OK, even if I accept that the Arctic's getting Warmer(and its nothing new, thats why the Vikings called Greenland "Greenland" instead of "Colder-than-an-Eskimo's-Nipple-Land") is that a BAD thang? even your own plagarized video says a warmer arctic would.....

1:"Open Northern Sea Routes" isn't that a GOOD thang?, ever been on a North Atlantic Cruise? its like the friggin Long Island Expressway.

2: OK, can't remember the exact quote, but a warmer arctic would help Seabirds & Whales, watta ya got against Seabirds & Whales, you Mammal-Phobe

3:OK, what IF the Arctic Ice is getting thinner? Don't scate there.

IMHO, a warmer Arctic would be Fan-tastic, and speaking of Fans, howmany Fans/Air Conditioners are sold in the Arctic?? Practically None, and when 2 billion Chinese move there, there gonna want to be comfortable...and it'd be a great new Spring Break destination, and we're gonna need somewhere for the Chinese to house there esimated 4 billion population by the year 2200...

and the bit at the end about 69 International Scientists and 176 Published Scientiffic Papers is pure Gobladeegook to impress the Muddled Asses, I, Dr. Frank Drackman once had my name on a published article, and I fudged all kind of stuff.
OK, I didn't really make stuff up, but the paper was about how pigs did with a certain medication, and ummm Do I sound like the kind of guy who'd be really meticulous and conscientious about recording everything accurately???...Sometimes I didn't even go to the lab, not like the pigs were gonna complain...

Frank "Global Warming, Global Schwarming, I LIKE Warm Weather' Drackman

Anonymous said...

DrekMan... of course you fudged stuff; you're a Republican! Or some such: "Libertarian" or "TeaBagger" or whatever fig leaf republicans are hiding their shriveled genitalia behind since Bush/Cheeny.

You guys make life careers out of lying!

Inre the good news about global warming - take a squint at:

Notice the line from Columbia to Montgomery - all the land to the SE is at sea level - as sea level rises all of that will be under water - Talk about new sea lanes; now that's what I call a good result.

Pity if you own property there. When it happens you're really going to hear the pigs complain.


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