Monday, October 18, 2010


Making Alan Grayson look like the Dalai Lama, Jack Conroy, the guy running against Rand Paul, has taken us further into the slime. It sickens me. There's so much about Rand Paul that ought to be easy pickings for a half-way capable opponent, that it's beyond appalling to see such desperation.

Way to go, asshole. You're handing the election to a ridiculous crank, and you're doing it in the most unDemocratic way possible.


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  2. Anonymous: can you read? See the statement above the comment window? (Also: can you spell?)

  3. This is the best either party can do? These two represent the cream of the crop, the SEALs of politics, the best and the brightest in the land called Kentucky? WTF-O. If these are the highlights what were the low lights?
    Its almost as if a good idea for addressing America's challenges would be nullified because in college "you did something stupid" Hello, who didn't do something(s) stupid in college? Well, may be you did't Sid, but I bet Frankie D did, and did and, well you get it

    November 2 can not get here soon enough for me-one of these idiots will win and the State/Country will be the worse off for it

  4. Well, Tom, my college escapades would be a mere blip in my political aspirations compared to what I've written on this blog.

  5. Who HASN'T tied up a chick and forced her to bow before an Idle...?????
    hey at least she didn't asphyxiate(not drowned, there's a difference) like Mary Joe Kopeckney in the back of Ted Kennedy's Oldsmobile...

    Frank "Jack Convoy Buggers Handicapped Boys" Drackman

    P.S. I know I spelled "Conroy" wrong, its so he can't sue me...


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