Friday, October 29, 2010

Time In Space

It made me think of my former friend. I'd tell him, if he hadn't stopped wanting to hear from an America-hating Jew facilitator of a Muslim black guy in the White House, to be sure to visit the Air and Space Museum in D.C., if he hasn't already. Even if he has, I bet the photos they have there now weren't there then. Fabulous closeups from various vehicles of various planets, some which remind me amazingly much of my former friend's friend, Chesley Bonstell. It's the sort of thing that used to come from me to him more than politics. But we're not speaking anymore.

What a place it is. Trinkets big and small from various Apollo missions; many questions answered about how they did it. Planes, rockets, from Wright to wrong. Spectacular place.

Since this is a family show, I won't mention the bag of feces brought back from the moon.

How amazing that anyone on the planet can visit any of the museums for free. The National Gallery and its collection (by one guy, who made his money trading bonds on Wall Street) of impressionist and other European art. Some classic pictures there, including many of the founding fathers that you've seen before. In the Museum of American History is the actual Star Spangled Banner that still flew in the dawn's early light. And Archie Bunker's living room. And Julia Child's kitchen, which was like a shrine for my wife.

On the mall near the Capitol are the bones of the Rally, gaining flesh. A good time will be had by all.


  1. Sid, I seem to remember, yes there was a piano, but I think it was in the rear lounge of the 747. Those were the days. It speaks to the overall decrease in the quality of secular life. Knowing you are an agnostic (or is it atheistic?, not sure)..However things like piano lounges and one inch prime ribs on airplanes are now gone. But look what we have gained. You can now buy a 3 oz portion of anything liquid to take on the airplane, and also feels safer. ( I however am still 'aware' of muslim garb, whether it is worn by a non muslim or otherwise. I however will not wear mine in synagogue.

  2. HTE. Your comment seems to have wandered uphill into another post, but it's appreciated. Sounds right, piano-wise.

    As I said a while back, I'd not be too worried about blatant Muslimicity on a plane. At the Seattle airport there are a few body scanners; I don't know how they decide who gets to go through, but none of my party did, and a young black guy got zapped. Pretty blatant. Hard to imagine a guy got up like OBL would be waved through.

    Taking the Metro from Silver Spring to downtown DC there were plenty of people in Muslim attire. Juan Williams probably has a chauffeur.

    I think it was Jon Stewart who said Judaism is the only religion which you can practice while being an atheist. I imagine many would find that offensive, but I can relate.

  3. Sid, Inre. Jon's comment: he forgot Unitarian Universalists. I know a UU minister who does not believe in God, but no one seems to take it amiss.

    For UU folks, one need not be a believer to be a decent and moral person.



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