Monday, October 18, 2010

House Whine

Note to self: you've GOT to stop watching House. Some medical shows, after all, at least make an attempt to keep within the third standard deviation from possible. The writers of House stopped trying a long time ago.

Tonight's episode (WHY do I watch that show???) was to medical reality as Sarah Palin is to Russia-watch. Really. (In about a week, you could watch it here.) Fully to list the ridiculous fallacies would take another hour, and I just wasted one. And hours, at my age, are diminishing like my savings did in Bush's economy.

I can only assume they don't have medical advisers. Or if they do, they get their information from The Huffington Post (which, although it has a decent spectrum of political news and opinion, has nothing but woo when it comes to medicine.) Maybe it's medical students, ones that flunked out after the first year. Or, perhaps, people who walked by a hospital once. Whatever. The fact is the stuff up with which they come is completely made up, having no more contact with medical fact than Christine O'Donnell has with the ground.

It's bad enough that I watch it: here I am actually blogging about it. I'm pathetic.


  1. Very funny Dr S!

    I never got into the show and not sure why.

    Still a Grey's Anatomy groupie though ..those hot surgeons you know. ;)

    Actually ..I even get insights from the show and I have a post I am going to put up about surgery, that show and how a particular episode really hit home with me in relation to the surgery I have been trying to avoid.

    I know you've said they don't hold the instruments right, but it is entertaining and I don't know about holding scalpels.

    The other med show I am crazy about is SCRUBS. Love it!

  2. WHAT THE EFF!!!
    a TV Drama not bein realistic???
    I think that's why there called "Dramas".
    Next you'll be complaining about Ginger taking all those clothes for a 3 hour tour, Herman Munster working at a Funeral Home, and the implausability of a Cross Dressing Klinger not being fragged in early 1950's Korea...

    Frank "Watta ya mean House is British?" Drackman

  3. Klinger was a hoot! All the characters played their roles so well. One of my all time favorite shows.

    Oh ...and that was my first introduction to OR humor ..actually medical humor. I was a teenager when that show started and I guess I just thought doctors were all serious and business like and above being human ..and so God like too. Super heroes that never joked.

    I also believed the commercials that should pristine white - sanitary -germ free cleaned areas because the touted product was so effective. I even assumed hospitals were the absolute safest place from germs because of course they would be kept so clean.

    LQ2M. :)

  4. Was that the episode where the newborn had melanoma, received from the mother, and instantly diagnosed from black goo in the biopsy syringe? Seemed reasonable to me! But I do love House, mostly for the dialogue btwn House and Wilson, with the occasional sneaky political twinge. As in, "sex between 2 consenting adults is still legal, at least in the blue states." : - )0

  5. Yep, that's the one. And that was the least of it.

  6. I've been a Hugh Laurie fan since Jeeves & Wooster, but I gave up on "House" quite a while ago. The character reminds me far too much of an "often wrong, never in doubt" faculty member from my days working at a med school.


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