Saturday, January 8, 2011

Just A Coincidence


Anonymous said...

Dr. Sid,

Yes, it is a coincidence. You are being intentionally divisive or unintentionally incomplete in your search for accurate info by only sharing the portion of the story thats fits your ideologic world view.

Liberals (Paul Krugman & the DCCC)have used the same imagery in the past and there was hardly a peep heard from the media. Link is pasted here:

I really hope both parties are more responsible with their imagery. The last thing I want is a gun ban that leaves me with only a knife or baseball bat to defend my family against a group of intruders.


Sid Schwab said...

Really???? THE SAME IMAGERY??? No difference between crosshairs (from a woman who said don't retreat, reload) and a target??? When the concept of "targeting" efforts is more or less universal?


The same imagery?

Your source sure is exercised, though.

"I hope both parties are more responsible with their imagery," you say. As if it's all equivalent. Like the "leftocracy," as your source so cleverly coins, has anything remotely equivalent to the inflammatory invective spewing daily from any and all of the RWS™. The literal hate speech.

To dig up a map with targets, compare it to a map with crosshairs, and to ignore the paranoid and shameful ravings coming from the right, comparing Obama to Hitler, claiming liberals want to destroy everything that America stands for, demanding they get "taken out," spinning elaborate tales of evil -- and to claim equivalency is simply laughable. If it weren't so sad.

Hearing daily how liberals want to destroy you, how they represent everything wrong in the world, how they want to take away your guns, your religion, your money; how they must be stopped at all costs. Think that has no effect -- none -- on the unbalanced among us? None? And that it's the same on both sides?

Equivalent??? "Both parties????"

Until you discovered the word "divisive," you used to be sort of interesting. Thoughtful, even.

By the way? Who the f*ck (other than the RWS™, that is) said anything about taking away your guns as actual, serious policy?

SeaSpray said...

George W Bush was also called Hitler when he was in office.

Ridiculous comparison to either president by political left or right and obviously they are the fringe and not mainstream voters on either side.

This was so tragic.

But should not be used to promote a political agenda.

At least all the facts should be in.

Sam Spade said...

Giffords' own words about the Palin crosshairs map, and having her office's door smashed some time ago.

Poor woman. She seems eminently decent in that clip.

Sid Schwab said...

Yes, he was. But it was not repeated and compounded non-stop by an entire media network on television and radio. No D politician called him that; no D politician has ever called for "second amendment remedies" or called upon her followers to "reload." Calling Bush Hitler was not part of any political movement; calling Obama Hitler was Darjeeling to teabaggers and still is.

It's as predictable as Beck's tears and Sarah's lies: when things like that happens, the loudest screamers on the right always deny any connection, and people scold anyone with "a political agenda."

SeaSpray said...

Republican politicians have called President Obama Hitler?

Who on the political right is calling Obama Hitler? Or tea party leader is referring to Obama as Hitler?

So are you suggesting Palin is telling people to go out and shoot people?

What about the Bush effigies and threats/suggestions? No one anywhere for any reason should ever suggest such violence or act on it.

These people are twisted nut jobs. Regardless of political persuasion.

Sam Spade said...

News about the shooter.

Sam Spade said...

The congresswoman’s father Spencer Gifford, 75, was rushing to the hospital when asked if his 40-year-old daughter had any enemies.

"Yeah," he told The Post. "The whole Tea Party."

--NY Post

Time to STFU, folks.

Sid Schwab said...

You're kidding, right Seaspray?

Sam Spade said...

"When you look at unbalanced people, how they respond to the vitriol that comes out of certain mouths about tearing down the government. The anger, the hatred, the bigotry that goes on in this country is getting to be outrageous"

Clarence Dupnik, Arizona Sheriff

Chuck Sigars said...

The straw men were really built quickly this time, particularly the "exploiting for an agenda" ones. Gun control due up Monday in the papers.

Anonymous said...

Dr. umm watever your last name is...

To blame Sarah Palin cause a Schizophrenic Fruit Cake isn't lobotomized and kept locked up like the Kennedy family did with Ethel?
Or watever the retarded daughter's name was, I'm not up on my Kennedy trivia.
At least Nut-Job has an excuse, unlike the President's Pal(Peace be upon Him) Bill Ayers who would have murdered thousands if it wasn't for his typical liberal technical incompetence.
You Sir, are pathetic, I'd say you have the mental ability of a Waterheaded Circus Freak, but that's not bein fair to the Waterheaded Circus Freaks.
And for the record, I'd have voted for Rep Gifford if I hadn't already voted in Georgia and Florida, she's for a Border Fence, Gun Rights, and Pro Eugenics, I mean Choice.

Good Day Sir,

Frankmund R Murow-Drackman

Anonymous said...

BHO supported the DC handgun ban, which would allow people's guns to be taken away, Dr. Sid!

His reasoning was that states have rights to do as they see fit (probably per the 10th amendment), which I strongly support.

The problem is the fact that BHO, a constitutional professor, supports overriding the 2nd amendment by using the 10th amendment. It would be nice if he invoked the 10th amendment once in a while for things not protected by the constitution instead.

He also recited plenty of good ideas about "common sense" gun laws to help minimize the easy access of LEGAL gun acquisition by crazies/criminals, which seem to make sense but probably won't have much effect in the real world since guns will just be bought illegally. The problrm is that people won't support these small changes when his end game is to support handgun bans.

The dull & thougtless PT

Sid Schwab said...

Dull and thoughtless: god help us all if "common sense" were to apply to gun laws.

You're right, of course, and wrong. The slippery slope argument, which you seem to have swallowed like a slippery oyster, is such a convenient way to quash reason. Like gay rights and marrying horses.

You claim you're afraid BHO or some other nameless liberal conspiracy wants to take away all your guns. And, whereas there are undoubtedly people who'd like to see that happen, just as there are people who'd like to see a single payer entirely government run health care system, and there are people who'd like to send all blacks back to Africa, it ain't gonna happen.

It's simply an easy way for those with certain vested interests to rile up those with certain information-processing difficulties, such as dullness and thoughtlessness.

But, as usual, we've managed to turn the discussion away from the central point: mine was not about gun control at all. (In fact, all I did was post three data points for consideration.) It was about the harm caused by the inflammatory rhetoric spewing constantly from the right, whether at Fox "news" or from talk radio, or in the halls of congress (look up Louis Gohmert if you're still around, Seaspray; or Steve King; or Paul Broun; I assume you've already heard of M. Bachmann). It's simply untenable to say it has no effect, especially on the already paranoid.

If I could only choose one, I'd way prefer to see an end to the kind of dishonest, hateful, and hidden-agenda driven news of Fox, and of RWS™ radio; failing that, I'd like to see people begin to recognize if for what it is and demand better; either would be far preferable (but no more likely, sadly) than taking away your guns.

SeaSpray said...

The extremes in *B-O-T-H* parties are wrong to politicize things like this.

It is unfortunate that we all have to be careful of our choice of normal vocabulary because of a random psychwack out there.

I often use the word target when targeting my goals, etc. I am not even thinking about a gun ..ever when I use the word. And I shop in Target sometimes and have never one time thought of guns in reference to the store ..although come to think of it those big red circles must be targets. Is the store name not PC now?

We all have to stop blaming everyone for normal behavior that can possibly set someone off. And regarding this man you know all the facts about him yet? Do you know for sure this was because of the political right at any level? Do you have all the facts?

If a person is crazy ...they can latch on to anything and twist it. This guy said the most nonsensical things.

What are the names of people in power that have stated BHO was Hitler? What are the names of all media/political people who've stated there should be violence ..that advocate physically harming other human beings to promote a political agenda?

I have heard people in media on the right *DISCOURAGE* violence.

Anarchists of the past and present get a pass? But tea party people are violent? The millions of people in the tea party are all violent people? Where? When? What physical damage was done to people or property from people in the tea party movement?

Losing your temper and yelling at your congressman does not count. people have a right to express opinions and they have become frustrated with politicians in both camps. There were no guns, or physical harm.

But it is alright to refer to these peaceable Americans as astro turf and nazis and then when politically expedient to align yourself with them, stating you have a lot in common. (Remember Nancy Pelosi)

I believe the majority of Americans ..regardless of political persuasion are good, decent, respectful, peaceful human beings that would never intentionally harm another and we are all hurting over this tragic event.

If this man turned out to be affiliated with fringe democrats ...I would not generalize and associate him with the entire party or left media. he is SICK!

They will be digging into his computer hx looking for all affiliations.

Again ..please ...what are the specific names of politicians and media that have called BHO hitler and have encouraged violence?

Sid Schwab said...

I assume you didn't read my comment above yours, Seaspray, in which I addressed you as well as PT (or whatever he prefers to call himself of late.) And the names I listed are but a few. Let's not forget Sharon Angle. And Virginia Foxx -- definitely don't forget her.

I'm writing more about this for tomorrow. Like everyone who loves Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin and Rush and all the rest of the RWS™ who spew hatred and, yes, divisiveness, you pretend it has no effect.

You pretend that because a shooter is crazy the words he heard had no influence, that the kind of rhetoric that has become the stock in trade of the right wing, with simply no equivalence on the left in magnitude or institutions, bears no responsibility.

It's a nice fantasy. Helps people sleep, no doubt. And we all could use more of that.

Anonymous said...

No wait--it's KOS who is to blame!!!

Bobby Boxcar

Sam Spade said...

SeaSpray, PT, Frank, etc:

Here's a challenge. Watch this video. I challenge you to find anything similar from federal-level Democrats. (Also bear in mind that I literally found this in ten seconds on Google. There's doubtless plenty more where this comes from.)

If you all don't produce anything, then I will take that as you acceding. Based on what you said above, this should be easy, right? I'm waiting. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Sam Spade,

Please tell us about your struggle with buggery & Pedofilia.
If you don't say anything I will take that as you acceding(is that a real word?)that you still practice buggery and pedofilia.
Based on what you said above, this should be easy, right?
I'm waiting seriously,


Sid Schwab said...

Here is an edited portion of a post from Eugene in San Diego:

Well, here's what the twittler herself had to say about those cross-hairs on her website:

"Remember months ago "Bullseye" icon used to target the 20 Obamacare-lovin target seats? We won 18 out of 20 (90 percent success rate; Taint bad)"

That's a direct quote for you SSWoman

Now the lying sack of shit - and the lying sacks of shit that support her, say they were never intended to look like cross-hairs. Just X's on a map.

SSWoman: "The extremes of both parties?" You mean like the liberals who bomb clinics and murder doctors.

That's what scumbags always say "Oh, they do it too!" Liberals protest, you murder!


Good points, Eugene. As usual Palin lies, in breathtakingly obvious ways, forgetting her words from the past. Ignoring fact.

The parts of your comment I removed were beyond the pale, even for this broken-down corner of the internet. But I fully agree.

Anonymous said...

Sid, I respectfully disagree as to that which is beyond the pale on this corner of the web.

The obscene notion that the behavior of liberals is in any way comparable to the vicious, craven and despicable actions and words of so-called conservatives are what is beyond the pale.

Here is a link to the TPM article:


Sid Schwab said...

I printed nearly all of what you wrote, Eugene, and said I agreed. If you compare what I published to what you wrote, I think you'll agree that the points were all there, just not some of the more colorful stuff directed to certain other readers... The point of non-equivalency was made, and I couldn't agree more; I've said so here, many times.

Sam Spade said...


That was funny! Actually not really. You don't have a point, so you just sound sneering and angry.

Look at this. Never during my lifetime have I seen liberals approach this level of threat towards the right. There's so much material in this vein out there I wouldn't know where to begin cataloging it. You evidently can't come up with an iota.

(Bill Ayers is probably a good counterexample, but not a contemporary one. He was certainly a lefty terrorist, and I'm willing to entertain the notion that he was actuated by the philosophy of the left at the time. I just don't know enough to say.)

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