Sunday, January 23, 2011


I've been waiting for this. Pretty mild, really. I'd figured when flocks are falling from the sky, it's confirmation of the end times. Who knew it was just about gay rights? Particularly since it's been happening all over the world; a fact not mentioned by the lady above. Gays in the US: dead birds in Italy. Where the Pope lives. And Sweden. Makes sense to me.

Fish, too. Why leave them out? (Did she? I couldn't watch to the end.) Didn't they die for our sins, too?

It does get a little confusing, but maybe it's just me. It's been two thousand years since there was a clear-cut murder for our sins, and back then it was a human being. Which seems more fair, if a little too obviously designed to produce perpetual guilt. But now we're getting messages via fish and foul? Far too subtle, if you ask me; a little too indirect. A few dead birds: barely worth noticing -- and, excepting the lady above, most people didn't. I doubt they'll be writing books about the bird droppings like they did about events back then. Can't imagine people walking around in some sort of house of worship with fish or birds on sticks a thousand years from now. [Or, after the latest, cows.]

God, so they say, works in mysterious ways. He likes his miracles mixed with death: a guy takes a bullet for his wife, he's with god now, and hallelujah. That a nine-year old life was ended too, well, that's just birds and fish. Evidently it says nothing about what god is or isn't. Not like dead birds do.

No one jumped in front of her, though.

I can't see it, but I'm not really up on this stuff. I guess we'll just have to wait a couple of months. Couple of years at the latest.


Ellen Kimball said...

Isn't SHE special? What a piece of work!

What I'd like to know is whether women get Bacterial Vaginosis because we did something wrong. In other words, does God cause the scourge of "Bad Breath Down Below" for a reason? Are the RW tarts still blaming us for Adam eating that damned apple? Didn't we convince anyone that it was the Snake that did it? Jeeze...

Talk about THAT at your next church supper, lady.


Ellen Kimball
Portland, Oregon

Aside to FD: The narcissistic word count: 1

SeaSpray said...

And So know she doesn't represent most Christians with this right?

That being said ...Jesus said no man would know the hr or the day ..but only his father in heaven knows his return. And if anyone claims to be him ..they are false prophets.

he does speak of some of the signs of the days before his return in Luke 21 and Matthew 24. Then there are old testament prophesies in Isaiah,Daniel, Ezekiel oh and Revelation (NT). And probably others I am not thinking of now.

As far as his return ..there will be no mistaking it and my understanding based on scriptures that it will be a simultaneous event around the world, in the sky ...if I remember correctly.

Jesus wasn't murdered. Oh they thought so. But, he surrendered - sacrificed his life. Could've called it off ..but was all part of the plan for redemption. (I know you don't see it - just explaining a bit)

Tragedies happen ..very bad ones. We will all die one day. But that doesn't negate God's existence ..nor is it proof that he doesn't care/love us... or exist.

It is unfortunate when people erroneously detract from his true message.

And it is part of the human condition look for signs and explanations. Sometimes ..they're on to something ..and other times ..not so much.

There is an OT scripture in which God states he takes a life to spare the person an even greater harm. I think most of us have experienced an unfair tragedy and ask why.

It is so sad what happened to the sweet, little 9 yr old girl, or the doctor's son who died before he could become a DR himself or my best, lifelong friend in stage IV nsclc.

And then Gabby's doctors said her recovery was a miracle... and it sure does seem to be.

We just can't know why these things are allowed to happen as they do. maybe someday ..we will understand.

Sid Schwab said...

There is an OT scripture in which God states he takes a life to spare the person an even greater harm. I think most of us have experienced an unfair tragedy and ask why.

Excellent example. God says I'm gonna have to kill you to keep myself from doing something even worse to you.

Can you see how little sense that makes? The problem is trying to fit a theology which says god is good and all knowing and all powerful into what we, in fact, observe about life. In the end, all we can do, when we need to keep believing such self-contradictory things, is say "We just can't know why these things are allowed to happen as they do. maybe someday ..we will understand."

We could more easily understand if we simply let go of a belief system that is built on the need to think it makes sense and that everything will ultimately be all right.

Like the "miracle" of Gabby. That a quarter of her brain is gone and she's not dead. He didn't bump her off like he did the nine year old. Miracle. Works in mysterious ways, I'll give you that.

SeaSpray said...

"Excellent example. God says I'm gonna have to kill you to keep myself from doing something even worse to you."

Yes Dr S ..I can appreciate your questions and perceived inconsistencies. But ..then there is the spiritual side. God does not cause evil.

You know the story and so I'll spare you.

But for now it is a fallen world and when that happened so did sickness, disease, decay and evil and whatever other bad thing you want to throw in the mix. And I suppose if God could intervene and chooses not to ..even if he didn't cause it ...then it would seem that he is guilty by omission.

It was never his intended will that these bad things happen ..throughout the ages. But due to circumstances ..things not of his choice happen ..have consequences, etc.,but ultimately good will prevail.

I am mindful of stating "God really protected ... ",when you know he didn't intervene in another's tragedy. That being said ..I also give God credit for the times he has helped us.

Things will ultimately work together for good ..even if we don't understand the "why" of a situation.

Believe me ..I have things in my life that I would prefer were not the case. Some brought on by my poor choices ..some not at all.

It was Gabby's doctor in a press conference calling it a miracle. And then I believe he said something like "doctors have to accept that miracles do happen." You could probably google it. he was standing next to another doctor when he said it.

We are all going to die. We will not all die in the same way or at the same age or in perfect circumstances.

But he did not kill the little girl. the crazy ..demented man with a gun killed the little girl.

Again ...why are there miracle interventions for some and not others? I don't know. I know I had one. And I think if we are ever allowed to see all the times God intervened on our behalf ..we will be amazed. I hope we get that "It's a Wonderful Life" tour.

Actually ...I think as Paul says we see dimly ..but someday the veil will be lifted and we'll see clearly.

Have you ever wondered why some of your colleagues ..intelligent,inquisitive critical thinkers as you are believe in God?

There are some in the medblogosphere and I assume you have worked with highly educated people ..whom also have faith in a higher power.

What is it that they are able to see ..that you are blinded to? or reverse that if you prefer ..what is it that you see ..that believers in God are not able to see?

Sid Schwab said...

Have you ever wondered why some of your colleagues ..intelligent,inquisitive critical thinkers as you are believe in God?

Not only have I wondered, but I've written about it, more than once, on both blogs.

To me it says that for most people, even intelligent ones, the need to believe is more powerful than the need to see things as they are. In fact, it's seeing things as they are, on some level in their consciousness or unconsciousness, that makes the belief necessary: the awareness of death is too hard to deal with without making stuff up.

In addition, I think -- and there's evolutionary evidence -- that inclination toward belief is a corollary to the need to bind together for protection; which requires a willingness to subjugate, to accept and defer to higher authority. Keeps you safe from tigers if you act when told to.

As I've written, the fact that billions of people are believers speaks loudly to the need. And the fact that for any given person there are billions that believe something entirely different, with just as much certainty, speaks loudly to the fact that none of the beliefs is true. Truth, by definition, is not important. It's having a belief -- any belief -- that numbs the existential angst. I understand and accept it in others. I'm just unable to paper over reality like most people.

So, in answer to your question: believers are not able to see the inherent contradictions in what they believe, and the fact that there is no basis for concluding theirs is the "true" belief and the beliefs of all those other billions are somehow more false.

I consider the ability -- the willingness -- to accept life as it is instead of making it up, and to live a good life for its own sake instead of out of fear of punishment or expectation of reward, to be a much higher level of ethical existence. And, for that matter (if it were a choice), bravery.

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