Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I remember when Colonel Qaddafi (unusual, isn't it, for a despot to assign himself such a lowly military rank -- plus there are more ways to spell his name than there are for Hannukah) disavowed nukes after we invaded Iraq. It was touted as powerful proof of the power of power: we scared him into submission with the toughness of our tough-guy toughness. Bush was right, so it was said.

Now, when peaceful revolution has occurred in Egypt, suddenly that's the incarnation of evil, fueled by a coalition of communists, Islamists, American leftists, and Barack Obama's henchmen (or is it controllers?); a precursor to some chick named Sharia moving into your neighbor's basement. Many of the RWS™ slammed our president for not supporting Mubarak.

Meanwhile, back in Libya, feather in the neocon cap, our fraidy-cowed pal Muammar is raking protesters with automatic weapons and shooting at them from planes, while calling out America "the superpower." Will the Rushannitysantoroglennists voice their approval of that, too?

What's a patriot to think?

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