Thursday, February 3, 2011

And There You Have It...

Ta da... After winning power by deliberate falsification of pretty much everything, House Republicans have revealed their budget plans for the year, sort of:

Updating their budget estimates, House Republicans conceded Thursday that their best hope is to cut current appropriations by $32 billion for the remainder of this fiscal year, once new spending for defense and other security needs are added to the equation.

The impact on domestic spending and foreign aid programs would still be very severe, with the GOP seeking an immediate $58 billion cut from President Barack Obama’s once expansive 2011 budget. But with the Congressional Budget Office predicting a nearly $1.5 trillion deficit for the current year, the scaled-back estimates reflect the limits of a budget strategy so focused narrowly on one segment of appropriations.

The increase in projected deficit, by the way, is mostly due to the failure to return the top tax rates to where they belong, thanks to the GOP recalcitrance and, yes, Obama's failure to make the case. Anyhow, as known by everyone whose brain hadn't been turned to stone by the gorgon-zola of the right, the teabaggers were taken for a ride -- a very dishonest and destructive one -- by those calling their shots and fertilizing their astroturf.

There's plenty more to come.

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