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Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Girl Error


Well, so far my Reaganesque optimism regarding Super Bowl commercials has been sorely wrong. And even if she hadn't screwed up the lyrics, Christina Aguilera's (get it? A girl error...) rendition of the National Anthem has to have been the worst ever. Absolutely pathetic.


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SeaSpray said...

I agree. Mr SeaSpray also commented she ruined the song.

And we both thought the commercials were excessive. I haven't watched an entire Super Bowl in a long time and was shocked to see so many commercials and I only lasted to the end of the 1st quarter.

It seemed there was more commercial time then game time. And I didn't think any of the commercials during that time slot were anything memorable. And the guy sucking the dorito crumbs off the guys finger - GROSS! My husband hated that one.

Perhaps the commercials improved as the game progressed?

I wanted to get into the momentum of the game, but they stopped every other play for the commercials... or it felt like it.

And they penalize now for over exuberance?