Tuesday, February 15, 2011


And thus spake the icon of the teabaggers, with purpose, comprehension, and incisive clarity, simultaneously bringing into focus for us all the path best taken in Egypt, and solidifying her status as the next to assume the mantle of leadership.

How fortunate that such a leader has arrived on the scene in these momentous times, and how propitious that we have teabaggers to have discovered and promoted her brilliance. Without them, I might have entirely missed it.


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah!?!?!?!
Well So's your Old Man!!!!!!!!!

Seriously, have we had a VP as stupid as Joe Biden?
OK, Dan Quayle, bad example.
But you knew if something had happened to GHW Bush Dick Chaney and James Baker would have really been running things.
Seriously, we're a clotted left main from having a blithering Idiot in the Oval Orifice.
I mean Quayle was an Idiot but he didn't blither.


Cory said...

C'mon Sid. The media has been ramming Miss Sarah down our wide screen, blazing color, you can almost smell the blood, televisions. And your doing it again too. We get the point, most of us got it along time ago. And your seething sarcasm doesn't make your points any more believable or real. Thems of us that get, get it... and your sarcasm doesn't make those who don't- do. Your passion, which sometimes leads you to being literally physically sick, just doesn't make a bad thing any better. You're great at writing and making your points credible... but again) the sarcasm shouldn't be the exclamation point.

Blame Obama First said...

I'm just curious here. You do know that the work teabagger is a sexual slur and is quite homophobic. Most people would find it very offensive, kind of like the work faggot. I'm surprised you allow it in your comments, much less use it yourself.

Sid Schwab said...

Well, Cory, I've been on the road for the last few days, and busy. So I've published a few posts that I'd written in the last weeks and not posted, flashed them out for my hungry viewers, knowing a day without my incisive writing would be intolerable.

On the other hand, as long as the former half-term governor is given slavish and uncritical devotion by such groups as the one in the post, and by Fox "news" and all the RWS™, along with most teabaggers; and as long as the far-right wing of the Republican party is in charge of national affairs and has de-facto veto power over any reasonable agenda, I think it can't be pointed out to often or too stridently what an incompetent self-serving money-grubbing idiot she is.

Which isn't meant sarcastically. It's a cri de coeur.

Sid Schwab said...

BOF: I'm not sure what a "work faggot" is, but it's an amusing term. Thanks. I think I have a better idea of what a "work teabagger is."

I'm well aware of the various meanings of the term, and have addressed it here more than once. It was, of course, first used politically by teabaggers themselves, which I found highly amusing. It's sort of symbolic, to me, of their global unawareness of all things complex; it's inconceivable to them that there's any other way to look at anything than their preferred way.

So I continue to use it, as a reminder, and, because like RWS™, it's shorthand for what would become tedious to write repeatedly: "that group of people who consider themselves to have a corner on the patriotism market, who speak in slogans, believe in pre-discredited economic policies, have low regard for anyone of differing ethnic or religious persuasions, tend to think in conspiracies and to revere anyone else who does, and who actively reject factual input or reasonable discussion on anything and everything."

"Teabagger" pretty much says all that, in one simple word, coƶpted, if briefly, by teabaggers themselves; one might wish they'd abandon the rest of their ideas as rapidly as they distanced themselves from that one.

I would take exception to the idea that it's a homophobic term, though, in that the act is performed by all sexes, far as I can tell from my extensive research. I'll admit it's not something I'm familiar with personally; and it would seem to require, for full mutual enjoyment, a level of immediate and thorough personal hygiene that might adversely affect the spontaneity that so many of us value.

I guess the term, in its sexual meaning, belongs with buttfucker and cocksucker: used often as a word of derision, but engaged in enthusiastically by hetero- as well as homosexual people. I'd go so far as to speculate that in the mind of many who use the words sexually derisively, there's the unsaid sentiment, "I should be so lucky."

I, on the other hand, use it politically derisively. Were I to become -- possibly after massive head trauma -- a teabagger, I'd hardly consider myself lucky.

Blame Obama First said...

Oops...I meant to type "...like the *word* faggot." So now I understand...your intent is to offend. Makes sense, I guess. Not really part of the new civility, but we all have our niche.

Sid Schwab said...

Yes, absolutely: with the former half-term governor and teabaggers, whose rhetoric is more offensive than any I could muster, and who are already changing the country for the worst -- much worse than I ever could have imagined -- I wish offending would have meaning and effect.

On the other hand, were they capable of actually being offended -- as opposed to feeling sorry for themselves -- we might not have the problem in the first place: it takes a certain level of self-awareness to feel offended.

Sid Schwab said...

BOF, in the spirit of fellowship I saved you from yourself and rejected your followup. It was pretty embarrassing, assuming you actually read what I wrote.

You can thank me by not responding.

Sid Schwab said...

Sarah and her base.

Mark Valentine said...

Thanks, Sid, for calling my attention to this lovely TV interview. While your sarcasm might not seem constructive to everyone, she does seem to beg for it, does she not? When she stops voicing condescension towards those of vastly superior abilities, then perhaps it will be time to abandon the sarcasm. Don't hold your breath.

Cory said...


Are not most politicians incompetent self-serving money-grubbing idiots? 30 BILLION dollars was spent last year lobbying politicians. Our government is bought and paid for, and our elections are dog and pony shows. In the big picture, isn't Sarah really just a pimple on the gorillas ass? That's Cri de coeur.

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