Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Of all the ridiculous and horrific things I've heard from Congressional Republicans lately, by far the most deeply offensive was uttered by John Boehner this weekend. On some talk show or other he said, more or less verbatim, "I understand the president has to think about his reelection, but my god, what about the country." I'm a simple guy, a calm and collected guy, peaceful am I. But had I gun in my hand, I'd have shot the TV and hoped a couple of shards found their way through the ethers to the speaker's face.

Later, I might have offered a bandaid.

Meaning no offense to sphincters around the world, what an asshole. President Obama has offered more cuts than practically any in his party are happy with. Among liberals, his approval is down, and there's talk across the liberal blogosphere about not supporting him any more. Meanwhile, Boehner and his teabaggRs are literally threatening to bring down our economy if they don't get their way. Overtly. Their vision of America is one in which the gaps between rich and poor get even wider, where the wealthy are catered to and everyone else is screwed; where there's no money for education, for infrastructure, for research; where the environment is raped with no regard for the future. Because they simply don't care about the future, because they don't intend for there to be a future: take all you can get, now. Period. Compromise? What's that? It's god's will. And, evidently, Rush "I-Hate-Everyone" Limbaugh's. (How pathetic is that? Speaker, third in line to the presidency, to Rush: Okay with you boss? Huh? Huh? Democracy in America. Jesus Fricking Christ.)

I could splutter on and repeat myself endlessly, because every day there's a new outrage, more evidence that teabaggRs simply don't give a shit, have no ability to listen, have gotten one simple, dangerous, stupid, unfounded, unsupportable idea in their heads and, having exhausted all their neurons capable of maintaining membrane potentials, are incapable of any further mental activity. Unable to load page. Try again later.

What's even more infuriating is that no one called him on it on the air, asked him to explicate; and that, as surely as the earth is a minimum of six thousand years old, teabaggers across our crumbling country were saying yea, verily. Or however it is that the Funding Fathers talked back then.

[Why did I title this "Gay"? Isn't it obvious? Boners and assholes.]

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Anonymous said...

Schtick?? and why is it the Repubic-Klans fault the President can't play Poker?
and your not supposed to say thangs are "Gay" its purjorative, like pointing out 1/3 Black Males is in Prison/On Parole/Unemployed.
And Blacks are supposed to be good at Poker, that whole "Not able to Blush" thang.
I'm the only commenter you got Pal, at least the only one without Child Pornography Convictions...
But enough about Eww-Gene..
Well as someone who's actually Shot a TV, ya gotta be careful.
First of all, not a good idea to have your name/address/phone number etched on the rear, especially if you dump it on private property.
Unless its the 25 inch 1971 Zenith your Dad gave you in 1983 as a college graduation present...
And ya gotta be careful, TVs are full of all sort of toxic gasses, sort of like the Colon.
And No, I've never shot any Colons.
Umm OK, except for that dangerous dog that 1 time.
Hey, Dachshunds can be mean..
And I'm pretty sure todays Plasmas/LCDs aren't any greener, although since the service life of your TV is probably longer than your life expectancy, its a mute point.


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