Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Man

Well, during the last couple of months it's been made more than clear -- as if it weren't already -- that Congress, as currently constituted, is completely unable to govern.* So why not turn it over to a guy who wants to turn it over to god? It's a no-lose proposition. Other than the certainty that it would seal our self-destruction.

Ignoring that little bug (and what rules, these days, if not ignorance?) I like it. Run Rick, run. Win, Rick win. We'll find out once and for all if this is really a Christian nation, under god. Nothing else is working -- certainly not the rationality and compromise, as attempted -- even still -- by President Obama. So let's give it over to god and prayer. When that fails, as it surely will, maybe we can rid ourselves of teabaggerism and the people it's put into office.

On the other hand, hey, maybe it'd work. (Perry's pray-for-rain didn't, but maybe god doesn't do raindrops. Whole nations? More like it.) God will save us all. I'll be proven wrong, and we'll have gotten rid of me.

* The more I think about it, the more I realize the current crop of newly-elected Republicans in Congress aren't really to blame. They're doing exactly what they said they'd do: obstruct Obama at every turn, reject compromise in all forms, vote against all taxes. Of course, that makes the situation much worse: they are idiots elected by idiots, who have no mode of thinking other than magic; who have no basis for discourse other than prejudice and discredited beliefs. So if there are enough people out there to elect such incapable representatives, what hope is there that they'd ever be convinced to elect more thoughtful people, people more open to consideration? None, I'd say. There's nothing -- not even apocalyptic failure of our government -- that could get through to them. By definition, people who could elect Michele Bachmann, Louie Gohmert, etc ad nauseum, will never ever change. By definition and by design, they don't have the tools.

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