Thursday, November 3, 2011

Squirmin' Wormin' Herman

His first political instincts were the standard ones: lie (cf: Anthony Weiner). But, unlike the successful ones, he didn't know when to stop.
1. Politico allegations are false. Story is crap.

2. Yes, there were allegations. But they were false.

3. Yes there were allegations that were false and I don't know what money was paid.

4. I don't know whether money was paid. And it would be wrong for me to find out whether money was paid because it's confidential.

5. There was a in-depth investigation. And I was cleared. But I don't know anything about it.

6. Here's the gesture that led to my getting accused of harassment.

7. Okay, I remember some discussion of a settlement number.
But, you know, even that isn't outstandingly outstanding for a politician. What's revelatory is the fact that he now denies he changed his story. That's so blatant you'd think even teabaggers would find it a bridge too for.

Yeah, right. Denying the obvious isn't a bug for teabaggers; it is, as they say, a feature. In these most serious of times, they're going for a clown. The last clown standing in a circus of clowns: Palin, Trump, Bachmann, Perry.

The most interesting part of the story, of course, is the response of the RWS™: they're outraged. Outraged!! It's all about the fact that liberals can't stand a black conservative. How hypocritical they are. How racist. Coulter and Limbaugh are melting down. Never mind that the story was broken by Politico, a right-leaning rag. Never mind that the only falsehoods so far demonstrated have been the ones produced by Herman Cain.

Reality demonstrates the exact opposite of RWS™ ravings, of course. Liberals actually are willing to see beyond race and call a spade a spade. (Yes, I know.) The guy's a con artist (ie, a motivational speaker) who knows nothing about economics or foreign policy or governance, and is proud of it. Rs think liberals shouldn't call out a black guy for saying stupid stuff; RWS™s are unwilling to. Which position is racially motivated? Moreover, Cain's 9-9-9 plan has been rejected as a joke by all sides. Until criticisms -- and accurate investigations of his past -- degenerate into racial epithets, calling it racism is pure ploy. (For an actual thoughtful conservative's view of Cain, read this. Guess the writer is a closet liberal racist.) The candidate is a joke; ergo, teabaggers love him.

Consider this: why would liberals want to bring down Cain? Let him be the nominee. If I were the praying type, I'd pray for it: it'd be ducks in a fish. In terms of credibility, he makes Sarah Palin seem like Abraham Lincoln. On the other hand, who's the most threatened by citizen Cain? Think it over. Heck, even Herman Cain isn't buying that liberals are behind it.

(For the record: I have no opinion about the charges against Herman Cain. True or false, sincere or dishonest; doesn't matter. It's the response, the instinctive ease with which he lied and changed his story and then, figuring he could say whatever he wanted to his gullible supporters, denied he ever did. To me, it's a defining test of seriousness, and of character. And of how he views the public.) (As if his "policies" haven't already demonstrated it beyond doubt.)


Anonymous said...

Your "Greatest Generation" is showing Sid...
seriously, only guy I ever heard use that "Spade" allegory was my late Grandfather...
Who was actually late for his own funeral, I mean it wasn't his fault, but he WAS late.
And I had to ask my dad what it meant, and he said "what color is the Ace of Spades"??
and I didn't know, cause Dad was a "Hardshell" Baptist, and they don't believe in card playin...
Anyway, it is a non-PC phrase, I mean you wouldn't say
"Callin a Undccumented Worker an Undocumented Worker"
"Callin a follower of the Religion of Peace a follower of the Religion of Peace"
seriously if you ever see a Black Person.
In person I mean, not on TV or totin your suitcase,
DON'T use the word "Spade" even if your playin Gin Rummy...
And I know Herb Cain personally...
Well not personally, but he lives 2 miles from me, and I saw him buying Coffee at Atlanta-Hartsfield-Jackson-Zimbabwe Inertational Airport, the busiest in the world, BTW.
AT MCDONALDS!!!!!!!!!!!!
and what if he did call the counter girl "Darlin"? its the South Sid, we still call hot young Thangs "Darlin", its our trademark, like how my Wifes side of the family complains about the humidity...


tom said...

it is rarely the deed that causes a political is the lie, and then another lie and then a ...well you get it.

Wonder what would have happened to Little Anthony had he just said, yes, I did that, it was stupid, inappropriate and I deeply regret the pain and embarrassment that my actions have caused my wife and family.

Anonymous said...

"Little" Anthony???

did you SEE the pics he sent that young little moppet?
That was one of the bigger blurred out censored areas I've seen, and I've seen alot of blurred out censored areas if you nome' sayin'...
Not schlongs, but thats the whole point of blurrin it out, you don't know what it is..
Weiner should have taken charge of the sich-yew-asian, heck, I'd take those pics and photoshop my head over his if I was into sendin porno to teenagers..
Or he should have said "I'm Sorry" using those sarcastic "Quotation" finger gestures...


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