Monday, April 16, 2012

Speaking Of Footprints...

I think we need a definition of "Romney," like we have for "Santorum." Could be an adjective, meaning something that can't be made to stand up. "Cook the noodles until they're romney." A noun would work there, too: "We were making love, but then I got a romney." Or maybe a verb, referring to lying so transparently that some people nearby laugh out loud, while others have their heads explode. As in, "Caught with a bagful of jewels outside the jewelry store, Joe denied everything. This isn't me, he romneyed. I'm across town having a beer."

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AlisonH said...

I have a hard time wrapping my brain around what he's doing now vs what I expect of him.

I do think he's a good man at heart when he's not trying to be a politician. My cousin tells the story of the time he broke his arm falling two stories (he's lucky that's all he broke) while trying to remove a beehive from his attic.

Someone from his ward, ie his Mormon congregation, went out, bought a beekeeper's outfit, climbed that ladder and removed that hive for him. Just because he could and because my cousin needed the help. And that was his neighbor Mitt Romney.

And there was the time he shut down Bain to go hunt for the missing teenage daughter of one of the people who worked there. They walked the streets of New York City, put posters up, everybody, and their search made headlines. Someone called to ask if there was a reward and then hung up--they traced the call and found where a young man had hidden her.

But Romney's need to win at all costs is just such a personally damaging thing. I so wish he had his father's integrity. And on a national level...

We finally have a grownup in the White House. Let's keep him there.

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