Monday, April 23, 2012

Tough Guy

Teabagger and RWS™ hero, Ted Nugent: draft dodger by excrement. Plus bonus coverage...

When I got drafted and ordered to Vietnam, and various people told me what I should do to try to get out of it, I figured if I wiggle loose someone else will have to in my place. How can I justify that? Not that I consider myself heroic: compared to most who served in Vietnam I had it pretty good, nightly rocket attacks notwithstanding. But it sort of puts into perspective the dishonesty of the America-fuck-yeah contingent on the right, and of those who revere them.

We loves us some war as long as someone else does the fighting. And we hates us some liberals, especially when they call us on our bullshit.


Anonymous said...

So Limbaugh had a pilonidal cyst (SP) even before he could join? So much for the WW2 Jeep excuse. But the funny thing is, that's how I found this site: I was researching such condition and accepted remedies on your Surgeons Blog. Son in AF has the problem, treated wrong by the Army Hosp doc, still open a year and a half later, "sigh".

As for the Nugent flight, speaks for itself. Rockstar status only goes so far, a family member who was Navy watched his antics and it turned his stomach. Many times.

The man is a coward, and a rabble-rouser with the lowest common denominator in this country. It's sad that it gets air-time. OR, mine. Sorry.


Frank Drackman said...

Interesting Story, and since The Nuge said it, it must be true.
How would not bathing for a month get one a draft deferment? You ever BEEN to a MEPS center?, Crimminy, the friggin Examining "Doctor" smelled worse than that...
Of course the real facts aren't quite as interesting, Ted just got the same Student deferments Bill Clinton/Dick Chaney/anyone who had brains/common sense could get.
My old man joined in 63' thought he'd have a cush 6 years in B-52s waiting for a Nuke-lear war with the Russkies that wouldn't happen before signin up with Pan Am or Delta...
He even chose B-52s cause at the time they didn't have a conventional mission, go ahead, call my Dad a Pussy.
9 years later he's livin in a tent in Thailand, droppin WW2 errror iron bombs on Hainoi...
And Prey Tell, What Rock Musician of Note DID go to Vietnam'??


Frank Drackman said...

(Rant Continued)
and just like yew lib-er-alls to take Rock "Musicians" seriously, like they really have something of value to offer Society except for a God, oh Sorry, an EVOLVED ability to play a musical instrument.
Have you ever heard an interview with Eddie Van Halen? Damn Guy makes Barney Frank sound like Sean Connelly...
Ted is "The Motor City "MADMAN" afterall, not the Motor
City "Sage" or "Wisened Elder".
And I googled "Rock Musicians who served in the Military" and closest I can find is Jimmy Hendricks and Jerry Garcia, and neither served in the Nam'.
And really, would you want to be in a Foxhole with Jerry Garcia or Jimmy Hendricks?,
actually, that'd be pretty cool.
and as a bonus, here's a link to that Savant Nugent, doing things with his fingers that were probably Ill-legal when you were a kid, and FYI, I'm about 100 yds away stoned out of my skull...
Back in 1978 I mean, not now.
lets see, whats the Statue of Limitations on being stoned??


Sid Schwab said...

Uh, Frankie? It's your side that takes him seriously. He was featured at the NRA convention; Mitt Romney sought and touted his endorsement; Sean "I'm-dumber-than-you-which-pretty-much-applies-to-everyone-still-breathing" Hannity has him on his show and treats him like a sage.

My point -- and I suppose as a favor to you I ought to include an explanatory statement to that effect in every post -- is that this hero, whom the right takes seriously, is a (literal) bag of shit and a hypocritical faker. Which, since it reflects them perfectly, is why the RWS™ love the guy.

Frank Drackman said...

well THATS my problem.
I don't watch Fox News, or listen to Rush, or the RWS(how DO you make that little "tm" symbol)...
and to tell you the truth, I only watch Morning Joe for Minka Zzzz-watver-ski...


Anonymous said...

Whenever I hear RWS raging about gays, draft dodgers, druggies - or whatever; I know for certain that the creature, making all the noise, is deeply involved in the activity he condemns.

Par Examp:
Limbaugh - “I had a pilonidal cyst” and, I am a victim of prescription drugs”

I didn't know about the Nugent draft dodging - though it does not surprise me.

As to defecating and urinating in his pants – that does not surprise me either.

He does that every time he appears in public!

In any case he said, ”I didn’t want to get my ass blown off in Viet Nam.”

Another example:

"My old man joined in 63' thought he'd have a cush 6 years in B-52s"

"Go ahead, call my Dad a Pussy."

OK he's a "Pussy" - and you evidently inherited the pussyhood gene:

The “Patriot” son:
Anyway, it’s a Volunteer Military last time I checked, which is why I got out as soon as my obligation was up.

When I hear stuff like that I think about the RWS “Amurca, Fuck Yeah” boast: “These Colors Don’t Run.”

I add, “Yeah, But They Are Easily Stained.”


Frank Drackman said...

@ Ewww Gene..
Oh Yeah?????,
well if it wasn't for my Old Man , there'd be millions of Vietnamese in America, endangering our defenseless cats and dogs... Ummm.....
and if wasn't for Me, serving for an entire 96 hrs of "Combat" in Gulf War 1, Gasoline would be $4/gallon....
OK, maybe your right...


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