Thursday, October 18, 2012


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Lots of meat in this (including, unfortunately, a commercial at the front.) Romney's demeanor in the latest debate says a lot about him; none of it good. He's a guy used to getting his way, to having his ass kissed, to treating everyone around him like a doormat. Even, evidently, the President of the United States; the one with god's curse. (I assume teabaggers and RWS™ loved it. I don't have the stomach to find out.)

And Mr Lipton is entirely correct: if the roles had been reversed and Obama was the contender and had behaved that way toward the president, while being, you know, of color, the screams would have shattered your ears. Uppity, is what it'd have been.

The more I see of Mitt Romney, the more it becomes clear: he's a shameless liar, and an undeserving narcissist with an indelible sense of entitlement. He should be ridden out of the public square on a rail. Tar and feathers gets a bad rap.

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