Monday, October 22, 2012

Romney Supporter

And not just a Romney supporter: one to whom The Rominee kowtows and panders, as only he can. Well, people might say, you can't be responsible for those who support you. Okay, you can't. But you don't have to enact perianal osculation, either. Who knows where Romney stands on this, or anything? But a vote for him is an incremental act of empowering those who'd make this country a fundamentalist Christian theocracy, not, in its treatment of women, public education, freedom of the press, not all that different from the theocracies with which we are engaged in war, or war-lite. And since they're the ones pulling the stings to which Romney has willingly attached himself, the most reasonable prediction is that in a Romney presidency, such a theocracy will become measurably closer.

And while it's happening, maybe a little behind the scenes for now, it's pretty clear some of the trappings -- particularly those regarding limiting the rights of women -- are well under way.

A vote for Mitt Romney, if you're not a white, Christian, native-born and quite wealthy male, is simply inexplicable, unless you hate yourself even more than you hate Barack Obama.

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