Saturday, October 20, 2012

We Have Another Winner!

The lies are so commonplace that it's almost becoming mere background noise; which is no coincidence, I'd say. It's the plan. But what's really so incredible is what's at the center of it all: the fact that, yet again, Americans are rallying to the biggest lie of all. That no one has to do anything except pay less in taxes and everything will be fine. Climate change will go away; deficits, too. We'll have everything we want, won't have to alter a thing. Reagan said it, Bush said it, Romney is saying it yet again. They're Lucy, trickle down is the football, and the American public is Charlie Brown.

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan and Karl Rove and Fox "news" and all the RWS™ have had it figured out for years: Americans want easy answers. They swallow like Linda Lovelace. The harder the problems, the more they'll gravitate to the one who says not to worry about a thing; who tells them nothing is required of them.

Now I'll admit President Obama and the Ds aren't being entirely square: raising taxes on the wealthy isn't a magic solution, either. But at least they're saying we need to figure out a way toward fiscal balance while preserving the fundamental needs of our society. Barack Obama has shown willingness to go against his base (whoever that is), and I predict that if he's reelected he'll do so again, by addressing Social Security and Medicare in ways they won't entirely like.

Romney, on the other hand, has shown only the ability to pander; and on those occasion where he lets something half-way reasonable slip out, his handlers shut it down like comments on this blog. And whereas Obama's party has, over and over, tried to find ways to appeal to the other side, ain't no way in hell Mitt's would let him move an inch toward Ds, his pretense of bipartisanship notwithstanding.

A guy who lies and flips like Mitt Romney isn't interested in the common good (he let it slip with his 47% comments). A guy who has no principles he won't reverse at a moment's notice has no reason to stick his neck out to do what's right. He got Democrats in Massachusetts to agree to a Republican plan for health care. Let's see him get teabaggRs to agree to the inevitable need to raise some taxes. Or cut their loopholes.

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