Friday, October 12, 2012

You Know Biden Won The Debate When...

... when all the RWS™ can talk about is that Joe Biden was over the top and rude. They really don't like it when bullshit is called on their bullshit.

The way I see it, the proper response to outrageous lies is outrage.

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Anonymous said...

It's like this: If I asked - Drekman, say, or one of the other RWS who "Contribute" here - to loan me a thousand dollars; they would ask, naturally, how I planned to pay the money back.

If I said: "We can talk about it after you give me the money" they would laugh in my face and ask me if I thought they were stupid!

If they didn't ask that, I would know they were – for sure - stupid!

So when Ryan tried out the "We want to work with the Democrats for a "Bipartisan" solution - After The Election" BS on Joe and Radditz, he got what he deserved - a horse laugh from Joe and “So, no specifics” from Radditz, a very tough and savvy reporter

It didn’t matter to the Rethuglicans that Romney interrupted Obama, talked through him, sneered and lectured him while “Silent Jim” sat bewildered, with a stunned look on his face, as Romney refused to answer any questions and lied wholeheartedly.

For RWS that was their guy being an assertive Manly Man. But when Joe beat them with their own stick, and told the truth too; they were all “We saw an old man, beating up a child on television"; and heard many loud yelps for “Civility.”

All of that from who people fired shots at the Dem office in Denver today, dumped a load of horse manure in front of another Dem office. Who advocate the “Death Penalty” for disobedient children and talk about “Legitimate Rape” and have vomited endless garbage and threats for the entire campaign. And we all know for sure, there is worse to come!

Rereading the above, I realize that I lack better words to describe the outrage I feel for the enormity and sheer effrontery of these ghastly people who would rule our lives for their pleasure and profit.

You do a much better job Sid, keep it up!


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