Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Zing Went The Strings

I don't know what to expect from the presidential debates, and I'm not even sure I'll watch them. Maybe read about them first, watch a few clips if I think I can stand it. But one thing is sure: if The Rominee follows his reported plan to use a bunch of pre-written and well-rehearsed "zingers," he'll look like an idiot. Well, more of an idiot. Except, of course, to those to whom he kowtows, and to teabaggers. Everyone else (or so one would assume) will see it for what it is: yet another example of the low regard in which he holds the electorate, and the lack of belief he has in most of what he says.

Zingers. He's practicing zingers. For a presidential debate. To convince people he's the best candidate. Not policy. Zingers.

I've taken a lot of exams in my life, some of them actually important: MCAT, surgery boards and recertification,  medical license, membership in the College of Surgeons (that was mostly and interview, and the submission of a bunch of op reports.) There came a time when I said to myself, I've been practicing surgery actively, reading, going to the occasional meeting; if I don't know this stuff by now, no amount of cramming is going to bail me out, and I'm better off getting a good night's sleep. Naively, I see the debates the same way: if you know what you're talking about, have convictions, haven't lied very much about your opponent or yourself, have studied the sorts of issues on which you're running, you shouldn't need all the debate prep that both sides seem to do.

Similarly, if you could count on moderators to ask fair and important questions, to give a chance for complete answers, avoid the gotcha silly stuff (which, of course, you can't), you ought to be confident in your ability to respond.

There's something wrong with the whole idea of debates, as they've evolved. First, in no way are they really debates. Second, they've become at least as much a showcase, as it were, for the askers as the askees. They, by design maybe, lend themselves to superficialities. And zingers.

Think about it: Mitt Romney is having people write punchlines for him, practicing them, planning on finding openings in which to insert them. (I can imagine him forcing them into where they don't belong,  because he's so intent on dropping them that he's not paying attention to the important stuff; which might be an argument for watching.) For all I know, Barack Obama is, too. But whereas Romney's campaign seems to think it's something to brag about, Obama's is saying his focus is on addressing the issues.

One would hope.

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Frank Drackman said...

You took the MCAT?????
wasn't it hard carving your answers in those stone tablets???
and from the "Reasons I didn't become a Surgeon" list...
See, there was this old Surgeon, bragging about how he had the highest score in ATLS, and one of the residents whispered that the Attendinghad taken it when it was only "S", and I was stupid enough to repeat it, to some of my fellow classmates, that happened to include an XX, and you know how they like to gossip.....

still think it's funny...

Frank "I meant to stick myself" Drackman

SeaSpray said...

Romney was terrific!

Admittedly ...I was concerned because he always seems too gracious ...but he managed to be gracious and hard hitting while standing his ground.

Moderator was fair. I was also pleasantly surprised there weren't any Steppinopoulous moments.

I was also surprised the president was as weak and unprepared. But know ..I've said this ..he never gets the hard questions from the press (except for Univision recently), they protect him and he really wasn't used to this. Must've been a rude awakening.

Seems all the protecting of the president has had the effect of over protecting a child who then can't take care of themselves in the real world.


And I know you disagree ...but even the Benghazi coverups - blaming the movie and the mainstream press not covering it until they had too is so obvious.

And I did not get the Benghazi thoughts because of any conservative views. that was so obvious and just plain common sense. AND ...BEFORE way before I heard anyone discuss his bragging about getting Bin Laden I had already raised that question to my own family. I said that he has spent so much time bragging about giving the order (any president would have)to kill Bin Laden ...even allowing filmmakers in the situation room (no other president has ever done that and should NOT)and public also told there would be a movie about his order to Kill Bin Laden and for a week at the DNC convention also bragged about ...wouldn't all that incite the terrorists?

Then he and Hillary do that commercial/news announcement ..which would only incite more people that didn't even no about the video. They lied and tried desperately to create a distraction so the voting public would not focus on the truth for why poor Ambassador Stevens was tortured, sodomized (WHY sodomized?! Pure EVIL!) and dragged thru the streets(breaks my heart and I HATE thinking about it!) - 4 Americans killed because of lack of protection. You know I have always believed in peace through strength and I have n-e-v-e-r seen such hate/disrespect for American in so many countries at one time ...thanks to his failed foreign policies. And it is unprecedented that an American president would not make time for the Israeli prime minister ...especially since they are facing obliteration if Iran gets nukes. But doing the View with fluff questions was a priority? Do you respect that? You also wanted me to read democratic Jews opinions regarding Israel. I cannot agree with the democratic platform that wants to say Jerusalem should be divided in half. That IS the capital of Israel. And it would never be enough. they would want more and more until all Jews are pushed out to see. ISRAEL is forever. Even God in the old testament says Israel will never be destroyed. I could go on about Bible prophecy regarding Israel ..but I know that would not be of interest here. Suffice it to know the final war will be there ...but Israel is forever. And she is our greatest ally there and we should NEVER abandon Israel.

You should listen to Aaron Klein on abc talk radio from 7-9 on Sunday nites (est) or go to:

Jewish - he describes himself as a fierce independent. He speaks his mind about both parties and is not a partisan. Informative show. he interviews from Israel and NY - various guests ..including terrorists, and black panther (I caught that one - he (bp guest-commented that the dem party uses blacks - something like that) I would trust Aaron Klein's opinion about Israel over the dems who voted to divide Jerusalem any day.

SeaSpray said...

These debates are a political junkie's Super Bowl and I mean that win or lose. looking forward to Ryan vs Biden and definitely the presidential foreign policy debate.

I was surprised that even Bill Mahr tweeted Obama really does need a teleprompter and something else, that crude Ed guy on msnbc was even surprised and wants feedback. but he is never held accountable ..rarely has to answer a tough question and has gotten a media pass since election 2008. What do they expect from eye candy?

It was apparent to all who watched which candidate has a better understanding and grasp on how to fix things as well as experience with working in a bipartisan way. One record vs the other? Romney winds - no contest.

Sid Schwab said...

I agree Obama was terrible, although it's not because he was asked hard questions, which neither of them were. It's because he let Romney get away with claims about his tax plans that simply aren't true.

Interesting, though, that you have the time for a lengthy comment all of a sudden, when you've been claiming the reason you haven't answered my questions is that you're too busy.

Sid Schwab said...

P.S. Seaspray: does it bother you not at all that Romney basically unsaid everything he's been saying till now? Does it make you wonder what the heck he actually plans to do?

If he pretends he never said all that right wing stuff and now he's suddenly Nelson Rockefeller, doesn't that sort of worry you, as a teabagger? Which Mitt Romney will you be voting for, and which one do you expect him to be? Whose bidding will he do?

And, not that it matters to you, but that stuff you said about how Ambassador Stevens died is completely false. Look it up on a reliable source. I won't bother to link any more.

SeaSpray said...

Tragically - he is dead. and 3 others.

I do not feel safe with this current president. We are NOT respected around the world. The world is a more dangerous place. And I am extremely concerned about Iranians developing nuclear capability and they are close. that should scare everyone. We are so much worse off since he became president.

Interestingly ...that focus grp of independents ...13 of which voted for Obama in 08 joined the rest of the undecided ...all but 2 out of 25 decided after the debate they were voting for Romney. He got to define himself vs being defined by the bogus adds and faux wars. Even if he was all the awful things you state ...he is still the BETTER choice for the job.

And I know we agree ...neither of us is changing our views.

And you had said that you were losing respect for me. Fine. But ...just because I disagree with most things you say ...politically speaking ...does not cause me to lose respect for you. Like you wondering about conservatives, ...I seriously wonder how progressives do and say the things they do. But, that certainly would not prevent me from respecting you. And I am not a "teabagger" ...especially in the derogatory sense you mean it.

However ...I absolutely have zero respect for ANYONE who cries racism. That person is immediately discounted as a nut job in my mind and they are the people who perpetuate racism. And of course if there was actually a serious case involving racism ..I'd be on board to fight against it. But the way these politicians and others use that's insulting to the real meaning behind the word. And there is no doubt it is how they keep people scared and looking to them for the help and answers. Sad and disgusting.

The investigation will get all the information on Benghazigate.

The foreign policy debate is going to be interesting.

Also interesting is all the negative comments from Obama supporters and now the spin machine ...including Obama .. going full speed ahead. I expected it ..but it's also amusing ..perhaps annoying to the 60 million people who watched the debate.

BTW - it is really scary when you see how the press can seriously influence the electoral process by not doing complete and honest coverage and not asking equally hard hitting questions of both candidates. No the president is soft ...because he is coddled. And his record - awful and the American people are living with the fallout from his bad policies.

But I think he will do better with the next town hall format. But so will Romney. The truth is ...Romney is experienced, intelligent, gracious, compassionate, etc and it came through last night. And he will not abandon Israel.

Actually - I have been very busy, am not feeling well and am having serious problems with my computer. Your blog is especially difficult for it and takes a long time to load and jumps around in posts until it settles down. My computer is old and working hard.

SeaSpray said...

Regarding not answering about financial issues - that is not my strong suit. Most people are not going to dive into all that. But the reality of everyday life under this president ..we are NOT better off. I am dreading filling the oil tank next week. The exorbitant electric bills, food prices are just crazy ..but we're fortunate in that our house isn't in jeopardy. But we are having a more challenging financial time then when we first started out as a couple and didn't own much at all. My husband wants to retire ..collect his pension and get another job - but he doesn't dare because there isn't any work. Our son graduated college in May, lives home, works too part time jobs but hasn't gotten work in his field yet. And he has always been easily hired in the past. There were 4 ...FOUR jobs listed in our local paper recently. Used to be a couple of full pages. We NEED a change.

And Stephanie Cutter tells women to forget the last 4 years and look ahead? What the heck is that? Oh ..Obama's terrible record.

Romney couldn't p-o-s-s-i-b-l-y be worse than Obama. But ..he just might get the jobs back,will have a better foreign policy (I am confident about that), and more. And seriously DR S - they don't want us to think about the past FOUR years and yet they want us to trust that the next four years will be better? No thank you!

I've also heard the left blame the moderator and state Romney was rude and talked over ..but Obama did too. They just hope their sound bites will catch on. Or they said he was an attacker -like standing up for yourself is a bad thing. What was Romney supposed to do? be a punching bag ..although there wasn't any punch in Obama last night. Like I said - he'll do better with the town hall. But so will Romney - cause he also does well in that arena.

Can't wait for the VP debate.

I am grateful for these debates because it gives the candidates to show who they are. People aren't stupid. 60 million people saw it.

There is spin and then there is the reality of our daily lives.

Also in that focus grp - they were impressed with Romney's ability to work across the aisle in an 87 percent dem state. They are tired of the division and nothing getting done. I know you claim it is only the fault of republicans ..but it is dems too.

I actually feel more confident about Romney since last night. I see he can stand his ground and talk substance. I was worried about the MA health care bill ..but now that I understand more about it - I am not. It never should've become a federal plan.

Sid Schwab said...

To the extent that I lose respect for you it's the way in which you make statements that are completely unsupportable, repetitious.

When I ask for examples, you refuse. When I point out the falsities of what you've been made to believe, you ignore it. Romney won't "abandon" Israel. Fine. On what basis do you believe Obama has, or will? Are you okay with Romney's direct statement that he'd do whatever Netanyahu asked of him? Really? A US President???

You don't "feel" safe. Why? On what basis? We're not respected. Who says, other than RWS™. What proof is there? Did you read my post about how Iran sanctions are working? Is that weakness? Would you rather have us bomb them, like Romney wants?

The world is a more dangerous place. Than what, and when? Due to what policies? On what evidence?

I don't have a problem with disagreement. What I don't respect is the making of statements that have no basis in fact, that can't be discussed rationally. Feelings. Beliefs. Not conclusions based on evidence.

The reactions to the debate by Obama supporters are based on the same thing: Romney lied, blatantly, changed his positions on everything, and Obama let him get away with it.

You say his record is "awful." In what way? From which policies are the American people suffering? What suffering is of his making, and what is the remains of the policies Romney would reinstitute? Your idea of political debate is just to say stuff. Here, I back up what I say with facts.

Sid Schwab said...

Saying financial issues aren't your "strong suit" is exactly what Romney loves to hear. What in heck do you think you're voting for, if not the financial impact of his policies (you know, the ones he denied he had last night?)

What's more impactful on our future than the financial impact of their respective views? If you kiss that off, it's like saying really don't care. You just want to have your opinions and can't be bothered with what's important.

There are facts about what Romney proposes, and consequences. You seem to take RWS™ word for it when they tell you you're less safe. Why not take some experts' words on Romney's financial plans. Or do you really think that if he cuts PBS and NPR our budget problems will be solved?

It's a copout, and it's the most important aspect of the election. That, and the consequences of his non-plans for health care, and his actual plans for Medicare.

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