Monday, March 18, 2013


Good for this former R Minnesota state legislator. She didn't, of course, convince any R legislators, all of whom voted against the measure. But it passed the committee to whom she was speaking, on a strict party-line vote (Ds being human and Rs, nowadays, being less-than); it also passed the Senate committee, on the same basis. Pending, still, before the entire bodies.

Along these same lines, it seems that even at CPAC, the just-ended annual hate-fest for the hardest of the hard right, opposition to same-sex marriage has waned considerably. If Rs ever get back to intelligent, thoughtful, helpful, and non-theocratic policy making, we might have reason to be hopeful, mightn't we?

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xicano2nd2 said...

Doc, I often say this "Ds being human and Rs, nowadays, being less-than" in somewhat different terms but it means the same for the lizard brains!

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