Friday, June 21, 2013

Courting Disaster

Sure, it's easy for some to pass Elizabeth Warren off as some sort of crazy liberal socialist whatever; and, yes, her perspective is indeed decidedly liberal. But why isn't the point she's making one that resonates with conservatives as well; or, at least, with those self-proclaimed conservatives who aren't wealthy corporations?

I guess part of the reason is part of the problem she addresses: the balance of power has shifted to those corporations and the guys who run them to such a degree that they can, without fear of any pushback, convince those non-wealthy members of "their" party that what's more important than the fact that they no longer have any power at all is that "their" party is against abortion.

Thus, the willing ignorance of the loss of democracy. It's not a priority. Gay marriage is. And birth control. And ending the first serious attempt to provide all Americans with access to health care. Because socialism. Because god.

Elizabeth Warren is unafraid to call it out. I suppose she'd get more traction were she to put it in more universal terms; because the last thing teabaggers are interested in is getting liberal judges on federal courts. But if they stopped and thought about it -- aye, there's the rub -- it ought to be obvious to everyone who's not among the Romnified and rarified that Congress and the courts no longer care about them. And it ought to bother them deeply, no matter who the messenger is. Elizabeth Warren, were people able actually to listen to and comprehend what she's saying, ought to be a hero to everyone but that not-so-fabled 1%.

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