Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Haters Gotta Hate

This has been covered pretty broadly in the thinking part of America. But for those who missed it, it says everything we need to know about today's so-called conservatives, and the party to which they cling. Teabaggers and their racist counterparts on right-wing blogs are outraged that this kid was allowed to sing The National Anthem. Read samplings of their comments if you have the stomach for it (and if it's empty.)

Then know this: he's native born American, son of a US Navy veteran. Sure, there'll always be horrible people. But these nasties are the heart and soul of today's teabagging Republican party. That's the difference: Left wing crazies are just that: outliers, and unrespected by their party. Right-wing crazies are the baseline, for whose votes their entire party prostrates itself.


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