Tuesday, June 4, 2013


It's as though they no longer care what anyone thinks, and have just given in to their crazy. Not that I could attempt to explain it; but the Congressional nutjobs from teabaggerville seem to need their insanity enough that they're damn proud of it.

What else, in the name of gods, can explain the fact that not only did the loonybin look into its toolbox and come up with Dana Rohrabacher and Michele Bachmann, to whom the word "crazy" applies like "warm" does to the surface of the sun, to send to Russia to solve the problem of the Boston bombers; they brought Steven Seagal along with them. I mean, are they so far beyond embarrassment at this point that they think it's cool to be seen with him? Does it enhance, in their minds, their credibility? Granted, they've long since lost touch with reality. But have they (like their undead god Ronald Reagan) no longer the means to separate movie fakery from it? If so, why didn't they invite Robert Downey, Jr, and ask him to bring along his Ironman suit?

These people are the best that one party has to offer up as national leaders. It's a national laughing stock, is what it is.

[Addendum: as if to consolidate their image as stupid and useless, wave it like a banner, proudly, Congressional Rs have, yet again, voted to defund ACORN, which hasn't existed for three years. Well, at least it wasn't a fortieth vote to repeal Obamacare. That'll be in a week or two.]

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