Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Irony Alert

A while back I mentioned (gasped at, more like) the ridiculous claim by a teabagging R Congressman (and "fellow" physician) that 15-week-old male fetuses masturbate. (Okay, he said something more like "pleasure themselves," but isn't it the same thing, morally?

So it occurs to me that in all other contexts, according to the hyper-religious, self-pleasure is a sin of dastardly magnitude. Sends you straight to hell. Couple of whacks wipe out at least a month's-worth of good-doing. One must assume. Given the mathematics of it.

So, suddenly we're claiming that jerking off makes a kid holy? Or is it, as I suggested in the post, another example of valued life ending at birth?

Anyhow, it strikes me as amusing: a thing which sends one, if unrepentant, on the express train to Hades, is suddenly the basis for claiming humanity. Anyone else find that sort of hypocritical? Next thing you know, they'll be point to identical twins feeling each other up in utero, and saying it's gods' will, too.

Then what?

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