Monday, June 10, 2013

Kick In?

The guy playing the dad is a friend, a member of my little columnist cell (like me, he has weekly column around here, and, with another colummie, we have coffee now and then); the man behind it all is a grad of one of our local high schools. So is the pretty girl you saw. The lady who plays the mom is a professional actor, who's been in big films (including "Pacific Rim," about to be released) and TV shows. They have an actual Hollywood producer who's more or less donating his time. So, for that matter, are they all (other than certain union folk, who can't.) It speaks of commitment based on belief in its quality and importance. I share that belief.

I haven't seen the script, but I trust my friend Chuck when he says it's brilliant, and moving, and potentially great. Saturday night my wife and I went to a little kickstarter shindig for the project, and the people behind the scenes are impressive, too. If it gets made, no matter how far it goes, it'll be of professional quality; of that I have no doubt. I wanna see it.

So I just kicked in a chunk to help them reach their measly goal of $30K. I really hope they make it. Maybe someone who reads this will chip in, too. Then keep an eye on Sundance... No kidding.

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