Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Cowards, Forever

The latest Democratic pipe dream is that the current insanity of Congressional Republicans could regain for them the House in 2014. Because, see, "powerful business interests" like the Chamber of Commerce, growing tired of economics by crisis, will scare up primary opponents to the Gohmerts of the world. Yeah. Right. Then what happens? Can you say "massive money pouring in from the Koch Brothers and nonstop smears from the RWS™?" Charles P. Pierce throws righteous water on the whole idea, ending with this truth:

The Reign Of The Morons is many things, but one of its most obvious causes is a complete failure of political courage within the Republican party. It isn't simply a matter of the party's having created a monster that it can no longer control -- although that's undeniable part of it -- it also is the fact that the party lacks a substantial center of power that even is willing to risk trying. Say what you will about Victor Frankenstein. He chased his creation to the ends of the earth. Where are the Republicans who are willing to ride the ice floe?

The sad and unavoidable fact is that we're past the point of no return with these guys. They're locked in, and doing god's work. (Question for M. Bachmann, referenced in that link: if Obama is bringing on end times, isn't he the one doing god's work?)

The most exceptionally exceptional country that ever was, most exceptionally. Going down in suicidal flames.

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