Friday, October 18, 2013


What he said is exactly correct; it's how it's always worked, and how it was designed to work. What Rs have done, and have been doing since the election(s) is to turn it all upside down and try to rule by extortion and hostage taking, because they're unable to win enough elections based on their "message." That there are still millions out there who can't/won't/will never understand it, is all the evidence we need of how badly off course we've gone. And how little those "patriotic" American-exceptionalism claimers understand or, more correctly, like about our form of government.

This is simply first-grade civics (except in religionist charter schools and in Texas). It's basic. And yet, to about half our country and to 100% of teabaggers, it's not. It's as foreign as their ancestors were when they arrived in this country. 

Of course since you-know-who the you-know-what said it, they'll never listen in the first place, let alone think about it. 

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