Monday, October 14, 2013


Once again, Charles P Pierce's words are far more effective than mine. But it's been the height of hypocrisy for the teabagging wing of what's left among the smoking ruins of the formerly credible Republican party to whip out faux outrage at the WWII memorial, over the shutdown they brought to us all:

... It is not merely unseemly, but positively obscene for people like Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee, and the unspeakable Princess Dumbass of the Northwoods to use surviving World War II veterans to advance a political agenda that would make the lives of those veterans immeasurably worse. It is obscene for them to use old, brave men as camouflage for bigotry and nonsense. It is obscene for them to borrow courage that never would find in themselves and to gussy it up in Confederate flags and trot it out as an an audience for crackpots like Larry Klayman. It is obscene for them to claim for themselves the dead of Normandy, and the Bulge, and Okinawa, and Saipan. It is obscene for them to try to purify their own vandalism in worthier blood than flows in their veins... 
... How dare these idiots? Tailgunner Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee, the constitooshunal skolar from Utah, and Ms. Palin. How dare they traffick in this manner of grave-robbing? They would all throw these veterans off Medicare, close the VA hospitals, bury the brave old men and women in substandard nursing homes rather than give an inch away of their indomitable ideology of entitled selfishness. Ted Cruz doesn't think the government has a role in making the lives of these veterans easier. Mike Lee thinks the Founders wanted vets to starve. Sarah Palin doesn't think, period, and is proud of it.

Yet again are we reminded of the futility of speaking truth. The influence of such people as these is simply too great; their views too easily swallowed by those too willing to believe in their own martyred righteousness. Truth, understood, requires one too many (i.e. any number >1) cognitive steps for those to whom Cruzopalinesque deceptions are so accurately aimed. The evidence is everywhere.

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