Wednesday, October 30, 2013

They Think You're Stupid

Congressional Rs sure are a funny bunch of people. And they sure think their voters are idiots:

Of course, since their voters voted for them, they are idiots. So there's one thing teabaggRs got right. I assume they think they're being clever as hell. Having it both ways. Doing our founders proud. That it looks ridiculous must not even occur to them. Such is the bubble in which they live. Hard to believe there's still oxygen in it.

[Added: Charles P. Pierce weighs in and, as usual, it's much better said than mine:

... But, still, there has to be a limit to the extent to which these people will grovel to their own fears, real and otherwise. There has to be a moment of, simply, enough. At some point, you have to get tired of constructing alibis for having done the right thing. At some point, you have to decide that the people yelling on the radio don't matter as much as the country does. At some point, you have to stop apologizing to people who never will accept that apology. At some point. We are not there yet, and they are bringing the country down, and that is not symbolic. That is what is actually happening.]

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