Thursday, October 3, 2013

Time For Impeachment

It's time for impeachment, all right. Everyone of those mfkers in every one of those gerrymandered districts ought to be summarily recalled and sent to one of those FEMA camps that exist in Michele Bachmann's head (where there's more than enough room.)

But it's that very gerrymandering that ensures those idiots can say and do whatever idiotic thing that pleases their fevered minds, and their voters -- a small number of ill-informed and hate-filled people -- will love them even more. These are the people in control, by virtue of willingness to disregard everything that's made our democracy work (sort of) until now.

It's infuriating that such stupid, self-centered, vengeful, incompetent, thoughtless people have been given such power, by a feckless weak kneed voiceless Speaker. We're screwed.

[Added: more blurted insight, spoken to those cut-spending guys at the most expensive restaurant in NYC]:

On a Monday last month, Rep. Greg Walden, chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, met with some top GOP donors for lunch at Le Cirque on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. The donors, a youngish collection of financial industry types and lawyers, had some questions for Walden, a mild-mannered lawmaker from eastern Oregon known for speaking his mind.

Why, they asked, did the GOP seem so in the thrall of its most extremist wing? ...
“Listen,” Walden said, according to several people present. “We have to do this because of the Tea Party. If we don’t, these guys are going to get primaried and they are going to lose their primary.”

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