Thursday, December 11, 2014

Happy Days Are Here Again

Hey, everybody!! Bipartisanship is back. Were it otherly shoed feet, if it were Ds trying to sneak a bunch of liberal sh*t like early childhood education or food stamps or health care coverage for the needy into a bill, well, you can be sure the Rs would be having none of it. Shut the f*ker down, is what they'd do.

Not Ds, though. They'll pack up and head out, let Elizabeth Warren point out the obvious, ignore her, and call it good. Rs, in lockstep would never let a bill like that come forward, were the roles reversed. But Ds, from all of whose multiple emails I've just finally unsubscribed, cave like tar sands and sign on -- enough of them, anyway -- to a spending bill that opens the store yet again for derivative-mad bankers, guts pensions for retirees, robs students to pay their loaners, cuts environmental protection spending, allows nearly unlimited campaign donations, prevents the IRS from investigating political groups disguised as "social welfare" organizations, cuts education funding, gives a break to the potato lobby, attacks Michele Obama's school lunch program. And more.

Well, sure, I'm all for bipartisanship, which, since the election of that black guy in the white house, has been all but absent. Leave it to Ds to be the ones to resurrect it, letting Rs use a word that hasn't passed their lips in six years, except to belittle it.

Must be nice to be able to count on a few Ds to do what none of them have done, and then to be able to claim credit. Anyone doubt that, in claiming they'd get governance up and running, that that's what Rs had in mind: knowing Ds would never be as willing as they've been to burn the place down to get their way. Because that's the difference, right there.

And then there's this:
King and Bachmann expressed disappointment that Boehner was reaching out to Democrats to help pass the omnibus bill. They admitted that the immigration vote in their plan would ultimately be symbolic. The House has passed multiple bills objecting to Obama's moves.

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