Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Grift That Keeps On Giving

Pushing theories of grain storage in The Great Pyramids notwithstanding, there's never been an obvious reason why Ben Carson is running for president, other than self-promotion and self-serving fundraising. His wacky statements on all manner of subjects have made me question his intelligence, but he's clearly smart enough to know a good grift when he sees one, and to count on the lack of intelligence of enough people to keep the money rolling in.

Huckabee is doing the same thing, of course, but, far as I know, he's not raising anywhere near Carson-level of cash. It's a whole new ballgame: candidacy as cash cow. Based on sheep.

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Dr Strangelove said...

The crap is strong with this one. What a load Carson is! In his universe, he's the sleepy, soft-spoken, polite Trump. Someone should write a book titled "Grifting Hands".

Now we really know what kind of man hangs a painting of himself sitting with Jesus' hand on his shoulder. It's missing these cartoon bubbles:

Jesus: "No, Ben, don't bother to get up."
Carson: "I wasn't going to."

Smoothtooperate said...

Carson: "Hey dude, want some Xanax?"

God: "What's that?"

Dr Strangelove said...

And given the evidence of his monstrous ego with its corresponding appetite, it makes me wonder if any of his risky, "pushing the envelope" operations may have been acceptable to him because they had potential for peer acknowledgement. I would think that if a surgeon would normally tread an ethical boundary simply by pushing limits, that it would be easier for Carson to simply step across the line.

Sid Schwab said...

You're right, Dr S. Matter of fact, I wrote about that a while back:

Dr Strangelove said...

He won't be chosen as the GOP candidate and I really doubt that anyone would want him as running mate. But that ego has discovered the addictive spotlight and easy money of politics. Let's really hope that he just disappears rather than hanging around like a Palin.

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