Sunday, December 20, 2015

The Good And The Bad

As usual, and no doubt in part because it's easier to have substantive "debate" with three people than with ten, all of whom are playing to the lowest listener, the Democratic debate allowed for actual discussions of issues and policies. Bickering and over-talking were at a minimum if, sadly, not entirely absent.

They all pretty much agree with each other; the most salient point is that, were any of the R candidates to win the White House instead of any of them, it'd be a disaster for our country and for the world. I won't list the ways because, to people who read this, they're obvious. (Climate change was mentioned by the candidates as a pressing issue, but, weirdly, there were no questions directed to them about it.)

One thing stood out for me: when Martha Raddatz asked about the attack in San Bernardino and questioned what they'd do to prevent such things in the future, none of them said the obvious: There's no way. If this was truly a "lone-wolf" incident, and if, as it's now becoming known, they really left no indications on social media, etc, then how would it have been possible to prevent it? It's a big country. Guns are everywhere, and we'll never know, because Rs won't let it happen, if stricter rules would have prevented them from getting them from their neighbor.

I wish they'd said it. But we all know the reaction from the magical-thinking, chest-thumping mongerers of war and deportation of Muslims on the right would have said. And, no doubt, more than the 30% of Rs who agree we should bomb Aladdin's home town would have bought right in.

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