Monday, December 14, 2015

Kerry On

John Kerry, contra my hopes and predictions, turned out to be a lousy presidential candidate. But his stint as SecState has been pretty damn impressive, and he should be considered one of the best. This article is a nice reminder:
... If he got off to an inauspicious start, however, his recent performances have been nothing short of spectacular. The thaw with Cuba and the nuclear deal with Iran involved heavy lifting and cut against the grain of decades of international and domestic suspicion and hostility. And what a difference there is between the outcome of the climate talks in Paris and the 2009 debacle in Copenhagen! ...
Maybe he brought the same sort of truth and passion and clarity to his recent efforts that he brought to his testimony before Congress during the Vietnam War era. In any case, as we watch in disbelief and horror as every single candidate for the presidential nomination of that other party demonstrates the opposite of truth, clarity, and dedication to the common good, we can only weep at the contrast; and wonder what might have been had Mr. Kerry been able to overcome the despicable attacks on him that destroyed his candidacy.

We'd not have had second-term Bush. What else might we not have had, and have had?

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  1. We've been blessed with Hillary and the Kerry as our Secretary. Obama has it right imo. Obama helped them do their jobs and provided everything he could in support of their efforts around the world. There's a reason Hillary was in the was room when we killed OBL. Because it's a really important job and are only a couple heartbeats away from being POTUS.


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