Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Innocent As Lambs


R leaders are appalled that Trump is gonna be their nominee. How could this happen, they ask, licking the pie on their faces. After which they proceed to behave in the very way that has produced the sorts of voters going for Trump: refusing to consider an obviously highly qualified, moderate, experienced, bipartisan-approved Supreme Court nominee.

Watching Orrin Hatch try to justify the stonewalling while implying there's precedent for it (there isn't, not at this point in a presidency) and that Ds have done the same thing (they haven't, not refusing even to have hearings for anyone), is to understand everything you need to know about today's R party and the reason it's produced such candidates as Trump and Cruz.

His lips were moving. What Hatch was actually saying was, "Listen. We hate everything about Barack Obama. Period. We're not gonna let him have another Supreme Court nominee. Period. Sure, the guy he put forward is supremely qualified, completely without partisan baggage, someone we'd all support if it were anyone but Obama. But we've been doing everything we can to obstruct and embarrass and impugn Barack Hussein Obama for over seven years, and we're not gonna stop now. You say this level of nasty dereliction and mendacious politicization is part of why our party is self-destructing in its presidential nomination process? What ever are you talking about."

Nope. Blameless as newborn lambs are they.

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Paul Wartenberg said...

Would love to give you a thousand thumbs up for this post.

Sidney Schwab said...

And I'd accept them, humbly.

Smoothtooperate said...

They deserve Trump. They created Trump. The Tpubs are screwed.

There's so many nominations to be made because of Tpubs obstruction. If Dems ever get the senate back, there will be hell to pay and that turtle running the senate knows it. All the Tpubs know it. I think they fear that the most. The Tpubs will be second class citizens for a couple elections minimum.

The new nominations will be left of the isle in nature and it will be en mass. A decade of left-center policies and laws (bye bye Citizens United).

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