Thursday, August 4, 2016

For The Sake Of Security In The Face Of Insanity

I don't know the legal status of the security briefings given to presidential candidates; that is, I don't know if it's mandated by some law or other, of if it's "just the way it's done." Assuming it's something on the order of the latter, I think something needs to be done to prevent the pathological Donald Trump from getting those briefings. He just blurted about seeing "top secret" video of Iranians off-loading a planeload of cash after the nuclear agreement and release of those prisoners. (Either he's lying about seeing it, or he's breaching security.)

I further assume it'd be politically impossible to cut him out of the process while allowing Hillary (and, depending on how it works, the third-party candidates) to be briefed. So the whole drill needs to be suspended for this campaign. The man couldn't be trusted to keep his mouth shut if his wives' life depended on it. Or even something he cared about.

Somebody tell the people who do the briefings. They don't listen to me.

[Update: he was lying. Or hallucinating, maybe. The point, however, remains. Giving Donald Trump classified information would be like putting it on Facebook.]

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Smoothtooperate said...

Prepare to be shook.

Sidney Schwab said...

I've seen it. And here's an interesting followup from my favorite liberal blogger:

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