Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Long Game

Someone smarter than me (hardly narrows it down) posited on some site I read somewhere and can't recall, that President Obama was playing a very clever long game when he called on Republican leaders to denounce and renounce Donald Trump.

Since they've made a business of blocking, denying, and criticizing everything Obama has done, every word he's spoken, every breath he's breathed, the last thing they can do is follow his advice and rescind their endorsements of Trump.

So the president has hung their nominee around their necks like a half-ton chain, permanently, knowing with the certainty of tomorrow's dawn that Donald will do worse and worse; and that Rs -- especially those running for reelection -- will have to explain it, duck and dodge, never able to unlink the chain.

I like it.

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  1. I like it, too. A lot.

  2. Back in January Trump said ""I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose voters." He knows his voters. No matter what he says, they stick with him. It was sad to see articles in the paper where voters defended him after his attack on the Khan family, but it shows he is right.

    So Obama isn't making some inspired move. Any reasonable person realizes what a disaster Trump is proving to be, but his voters aren't reasonable. Listening to a steady diet of right-wing ranting their only decision is whether Hillary should be hung for treason or merely jailed. With the safe districting the Repubs have set up for themselves the only danger most face is being outflanked by someone even more intemperate and unwilling to negotiate with the Dems. These voters could care less what the Kenyan-born Muslim Socialist tells them.


  3. The utterly fanatical and hysterical ranting of the screamers has finally come home to roost. I never would have imagined that the Republicans could become more bizarre and unhinged than the days of Dan Burton ranting about Vince Fosters murder and the Republican congressional investigation into government machines to CONTROL THE WEATHER. Yes Google that. I'll wait.
    The last 25 years have finally reached a climax of bat shit crazy out of control jack assery.
    Mein leib Gott! Finally.

  4. Sid:

    As your lurking conservative and, because of my background, I'm going to use a nautical analogy here.

    If the Republican Party were a ship, Trump would be the screw (pun fully intended) now providing the propulsion on its latest voyage.

    Unfortunately, that screw was never critically inspected prior to installation and some really (REALLY) major faults were blissfully ignored. Now they're out on the pond, the screw has tossed a blade or two, is completely unbalanced, and is causing major damage to the ship. Unfortunately, no one onboard has the good sense to just stop everything, jettison the "effing" screw, call for a tow, head for the nearest port, find a usable replacement, and pray that not too much damage has been done.

    Just ain't gonna happen.

    That being the case, grab some popcorn, a cold drink of substantial "proof," and watch as a major party sinks beneath the waves...minus the good scenes with DiCaprio and Winslet.

    Bet on it...and I say this even though I wish Hillary were wearing Ruby slippers and a house in Kansas was about to drop out of the sky.

  5. Well said, old salt. I think anything less than a humiliating defeat will encourage his enablers to keep up the hatefest. And he's already sown the seeds of illegitimacy; because how could a perfect being with the best words and the best temperament lose an election but by subterfuge. In other words, win or lose he's done long-lasting damage to process. On any given day, I have a helping of hope or a surfeit of sadness.

  6. I hear ya Larry...

    We got screwed and didn't enjoy it.

    Semper Fi


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