Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Barack's Gift To Donald

Trump will inherit Obama's economy, the one he, in turn, inherited from George Bush on its way to near collapse. Unlike Obama, Trump will start on the rise, gifted by Obama with the lowest unemployment in decades, the Dow more than three times what it was post-Bush, the GDP growing at a healthy rate...

And yet Trump made a campaign out of describing a terrible economy, massive job losses, and rising deficits. On day one he'll point out how great things look and take credit. In fact, he's started already, congratulating himself on the latest consumer confidence score.

And then, in the inevitable aftermath of the same tax policies that have never failed to increase deficits and tank the economy, what will he and his enablers say; whom will they blame?

Need we even ask?

But, hey, who ever said life is fair?

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Smoothtooperate said...

It's starting to sink in to the ignorant, self destructive Drumpf voters...I am seeing and hearing stories of exactly the same situation. I am sure everyone else has too.

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