Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Says It All

Question: what does it say about our frail-brain, nasty, small-minded, petty, childish, emotionally bereft president-elect that he remains silent after his recent New York State campaign co-chair says despicable things about President Obama and Michelle Obama, yet responds immediately and petulantly when our president states the obvious: namely that were it not for that pesky post-FDR amendment, he'd have wiped the floor with Donald J. Trump had they engaged in electoral battle. (What President Obama actually said was milder and more cerebral than my characterization. What Trump tweeted was as described. His deep thoughts on the UN [same link] were stupider.)

What does it say? Nothing we didn't already know. Everything we need to know. Everything his voters should have known but if they did they didn't care.

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  1. I suspect that the contrast between Obama and the pResident-elect child is far greater than we know or suspect. In his Atlantic January/February cover article, "My President Was Black", Ta-Nehisi Coates, by no measure a lightweight, described a meeting with Obama along with other journalists:

    "I was discombobulated by fear—not by fear of the power of his office (though that is a fearsome and impressive thing) but by fear of his obvious brilliance. It is said that Obama speaks “professorially,” a fact that understates the quickness and agility of his mind. These were not like press conferences—the president would speak in depth and with great familiarity about a range of subjects. Once, I watched him effortlessly reply to queries covering everything from electoral politics to the American economy to environmental policy. And then he turned to me. I thought of George Foreman, who once booked an exhibition with multiple opponents in which he pounded five straight journeymen—and I suddenly had some idea of how it felt to be the last of them."

    Donald Trump could not have survived the first swing. But we know that.

  2. Even if he were to try to learn policy, which, clearly, he'll never bother to do, he'd NEVER be able to talk in depth the way Obama does so impressively. To Trumpists, though, "in depth" is the last thing of interest.

  3. Trump calls Obama daily.

    My thing is the shear number of Drumpf 'cry baby' meme's. That's pretty bad when you have that many meme's using the 'cry baby' premise.

    People talk about "The first hundred days". It's more like the first 100 hours. The paperwork has been sitting there since the 'dubya' era. Now they can cram it through the hoops and ask questions later. The lower and upper courts are going to be stuffed. People have no idea. A stupid person does not know they are stupid. How does Drumpf not be impeached on the first day???

  4. I wonder if this will get the coverage it deserves: http://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/10/veteran-spy-gave-fbi-info-alleging-russian-operation-cultivate-donald-trump


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