Friday, December 2, 2016

Watch. And Be Sad.

This confirms everything I've been saying (and, of course, not just me!) about the power of Foxification. The creation of idiotic, credulous, absolutely impenetrable cluelessness. It wins elections for today's Republican party, and is exactly the result they've been seeking with their wide-ranging propaganda network and cynical use of social media.

More than that: it shows that there really is no solution. People prefer to be deceived, will never recognize they're being deceived, and, because it's so important to their electoral success, the party now in charge has no reason to see it change. The idea of an informed electorate is anathema to them and they know it. It explains, among other things, their continual attacks on public education, which will only get worse with Trump's pick for SecEd.

Efforts at enlightening people like that lady, including this tiny blog at the corner of nowhere and who-cares, and my puny newspaper column read buy tens, are, undeniably, futile.


  1. Trump made a statement at his rally yesterday that was quite revealing:

    "There are people in Washington who don't know what they are doing!"

    Of course, the obvious was lost on him and his audience. The stupid is growing. Our ignorant president-elect is avoiding the books and the homework. While he'll undoubtedly do damage that will thrill the people in the video, there's no way that he'll pass the final exam.

  2. They will never be convinced. But those "tens" of us who read you, and think, and remain optimistic that ignorance has a short(ish) shelf life, and appreciate the many voices that raise questions, tell truths, see behind the curtain, and keep on in the face of gale force winds in our faces, must prevail. Activism and contributions to progressive organizations are on the rise. I cannot completely despair, for then life would be devoid of pleasure, and I'd be a dour grandmother, and I'd get fat and depressed. I won't let "their" ignorance and the minority president's stupidity ruin my life. I'm too old to waste one minute more than I have to on feeling shitty. My anger motivates me, which I'm counting as a good thing. Or maybe it's just the caffeine talking on this Sunday morning at the computer. dw

  3. By the way....did you see my shout-out to your column in my recent Letter to the Editor of the local paper?

  4. I did. Thanks, Donna. I needed the second comment to realize who "dw" is.


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