Sunday, July 26, 2015

Disgusting Sleazebag, Is How I'd Put It

I tired of Chris Matthews a long time ago and haven't watched MSNBC in years. But when I heard that Marco Rubio quote I concluded (as if I didn't already know) that he (Rubio) is a pandering political pretender scumbag with zero class. So when I found this clip, I figured it's worth posting. Because I know a few people who think Rubio is the next big thing.

His comment, of course, will endear him to his base in the same way Trump's comments about McCain have endeared him to his.

What an awful group of candidates. Every last one of them.


  1. Actually All of the current GOP Presidential Candidates are true representatives of a segment of populace in the USA. They clearly demonstrated what their voters want and are like themselves. Time to face the truth!

  2. Huckabee just topped Rubio: he compared the Iran Deal to the Holocaust, claiming Obama is leading Israel to the oven doors.


  3. Yeah, I saw that, too. Even worse, for sure. Embarrassingly there was a time when I thought Huckabee always wrong, but affable. He sure shed that skin!

  4. Huckabee's affability made him very scary to me back a few years! because I knew what reactionary views it concealed. If you enjoy NPR's "Wait Wait, Don't Tell Me," search the archives for when Huck did the "Not My Job" segment. He went into a liberal lion's den and charmed the teeth right out of their mouths. Apparently that likability made him seem weak to GOP voters, so he dropped the act and let his fangs and teeth show.


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