Monday, October 17, 2016

That Firebombing

That firebombing of a Republican headquarters in North Carolina is very disturbing and, if it was self-identified "liberals" who did it, disappointing in the extreme. For one thing, I've always believed such things were much more likely (mainly because it's true) to be the work of right-wing zealots. Planned Parenthood, Mosques, Democratic offices, homes, and, you know, what-not.

I was impressed by Hillary Clinton's response. Donald didn't disappoint, either, but for opposite reasons. And I'm very glad that local Democrats and many from far away have been raising money to rebuild the building. Whoever did it, one hopes, will be found, and (after a fair trial and adequate legal representation) locked up for a long, long time.

I can't help but point out, however, that if it had been an attack on a Democratic office, Alex Jones would be leading the chorus of claims that it was a "false flag" operation (a term with which I'd not been familiar until he used it in reference to the murders at Sandy Hook). Just sayin'.

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  1. If this is ever solved I think it will be someone on the right they did it in order to whip up their crowd. And this is not a left/right thing, it's just the nature of fanatics.

    If you recall some more incidents have happened on the left. There have been a few cases where racist slogans were painted or people actually reported being attacked. And yet these were on college campuses that were known to be very liberal which was a bit of a puzzle. When solved by the police it turned out they were stage by liberal activists.

    If someone had asked a week ago where a Trump campaign building was more likely to be attacked you would think of someplace like Berkeley or A liberal leaning city on the East Coast. Not a place like North Carolina. It just seems fishy that it would happen there.


  2. I think we all know it was a Tpubs sponsored fire bombing.

    I think we all know that Trump rally's are full of hired instigators.

    It was an attempt to rile up the base. The Dems. turned it into an opportunity. They raised 13K in 40 minutes. 3K more than what they were asking for.

    So much for the constant drone of liberals firebomb Trump headquarters. "The liberals are helping the Tpubs" is not the message the Tpubs want talked about.

    There's only one candidate out of 20ish asking for violence. Trump instigates it.

    Black Lives activists took Bernie off the stage. Trump talked a ton of crap. "If they did that to me I'd..."...When it DID happen to Trump, he was a coward and turtled up. He gave up his stage and precious mic.

    Violence happens at almost ever rally it seems.

    There's a long list of the same stuff. There has never been a call to violence by Hillary.

  3. The big issue looming isn't the election per se, its what happens after. The Republicans leaked their strategy (then walked it back, not supposed to reveal it until after the election).

    If the Dems win the Senate it will end up pushing the Republicans more to the right, dominated by the "my way is the only way" crowd that will stick even more tightly together, as the less extreme Republicans lose their seats. McCain already said that the Senate will NEVER confirm a Hillary Supreme Court nominee. See

    This is how the Republic ends. A party that has become radicalized refuses to let the gov't function, even if they are not a majority in Congress. Held hostage by those that will never negotiate, how long will it be before Dems willing to compromise face challenges in their districts and are replaced by those as ideologically committed as the nuts on the right? Filled with members refusing to work for the common good but only to advance their goals, things grind to a halt. Hearing any 1930's echoes yet?


  4. Trump is focused on a Ms. White House Intern pageant.

    He'll f that up too...In more ways than one.

  5. The same night, a Democratic campaign office just over 10 miles away was vandalized with graffiti of an anarchist nature. I haven't seen photos of both, but I wonder if the "typefaces" are similar.


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