Monday, October 10, 2016

They're Shocked. Shocked!

Here's the thing: there's nothing that the pussy tape revealed about Donald Trump that wasn't already known. It's just that, being so glaringly on the record, it's harder for the hypocrites to continue to look the other way.

So this mini-flood of unendorsements and calls for dropping out are nothing more than admissions of that hypocrisy; that until it became screamingly undeniable it was okay to overlook his vulgarity, his pathological lying, his business scams, his fake charity, his instigating of violence, his attacks on the electoral process, on the press, on all Americans who aren't white Christian native-born males, his rallying of the worst of our American racists. And none of the suddenly awakened have criticized any of that, not even now.

Instead of proclaiming their born-again moral standing, they should be publically shamed for waiting so long.

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