Thursday, July 6, 2017

Could They Actually?

If Republicans do as some, including Trump, are threatening -- namely repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act before they have a replacement -- it will reveal them to be the uncaring, hypocritical, nasty people we (those paying attention) know they are. It'd mean that in their haste to reward their owners with massive tax breaks, they're perfectly happy to leave millions of Americans without coverage and with no way to know what will happen to them.

One hopes they're not that stupid and awful. We know they're perfectly capable of it. We know they don't care about anyone but the wealthy -- the white, testiculated sort in particular. But were they to do it, I'd think even Trumpists would recoil. Not all of them, of course. Not the ones unaffected, for sure; and probably lots who'd be affected but wouldn't understand or, because Jesus sent Trump, wouldn't care. But enough to make it thinkable that the government might be handed back to Democrats.

That, of course, implies Democrats could get their message-shit together in ways they haven't in a long, long time.

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  1. I think that cutting Obamacare will strengthen the Republican hold on government. We're talking about supporters who deny global warming, deny Russian interference in our election, believe millions illegally voted, and so on. In other words facts no longer matter.

    "But", you say, "surely they can't help but notice their medical care disappeared?" Sure they'll notice, but what matters is the explanation. And these are people that believe what the man on the Tee-Vee from Fox tells them (see above). The only question is how Fox & Friends will blame this on Obama and the Democrats, but whatever spin they use will be swallowed hook, line, and sinker.

    The NY Times has published a series of articles where they send reporters into Trump country and talk to voters. A typical response from someone who never had health care coverage before and now does is to assert "Obamacare is failing". They are so oblivious, so trusting of that man on the Tee-Vee and their similarly opined friends that they don't even realize THEY are on Obamacare!

    So will it be hard to tell these people its not the Republican's fault their health coverage disappeared? I think not. Heck, they never even believed they had it!! Fox just has to tell them the damage done by Obamacare so grievous that it destroyed the health care system for lower-income folks. And these voters will become even more committed to the Republican cause. Watch and see...


  2. Good point, Mike, and no doubt true. The only question is whether there might be enough Trump voters to see through that to make a difference. There's no doubt the Foxification runs deep.

  3. Voter suppression in all it's forms is a really big issue. It legitimises our elections in the shadows.

    Up front is Russian based fuckery.

    There are tractors, old trucks, 18 wheel trucks, muddy 4x4 and millions of vehicles in junk yards. They are mostly in the Confederacy and their AM radio is rusted to the syndicated political talk radio about the conservative spin version of the 'news'. It's no longer "We report, you decide." It's "We make up your mind for you and report it back to you."

    I can understand those folks think "Some people" is a reliable source. That peer reviewed experts are bringers of the "fake news". I understand that...I understand it so well in fact, that I can assure everyone that line of thinking is ignorant. Devoid of the most rudimentary common sense.


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