Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Making Sense Of It

Simply repeating the facts makes it seem like a failed movie script. Junior must be dumber than his dad. And here I'd thought Eric was the stupid one.


  1. Glad you clarified that, because I was thinking all three of 'em were the stupid one.

  2. P.S. How ya doing, Cory? Long time no hear.

  3. I read about a comment made by a Trump supporter - a woman. She was asked how she felt about the meeting. Her response was "Who wouldn't want to get something on that Hillary". "That Hillary" "that Thing" "that democrat". That's what it's all about, as I see it. Trumps supporters don't care if he lies, they know that he lies and they love it.

    As he said: he could kill someone on (Was it times Square) and still have supporters.

    Thus we see people who regard themselves as patriots and Christians willing to engage in behaviors antithetical to the very concepts of christian morality and patriotism. They embrace a mob mentality and call it righteousness.

    There is no enormity they will not condone because for them it is all about sticking it to their perceived enemies - I.E. Democrats.

    These are that same people who mindlessly worshiped Hitler and every other tin pot dictator; they love the Dear leader, the Fuehrer, the one who flogs them, betrays them and destroys their lives before their very eyes. Being ignorant and powerless themselves, they worship naked power, not Jesus, not country, and any man who can convince them he will use that power to wreak vengeance, on those they have been taught to hate, will have them, body and soul - regardless of the cost to themselves or anybody else.

    I suppose that is why democracies never last more than a few hundred years.


  4. The "right to work for less" states toot their horn about "coastal elites". Explain to me what a "coastal elite" is please.

    Boeing shipped jobs to S. Carolina (it's a coastal state). Then once they got their jobs, they wanted to unionize. Boeing and the ignorant put an end to collective bargaining proposals in SC.

    Idiots so ignorant that they vote against Obamacare even though they love Obamacare with a different name. The exact same thing just a different name.

    One minute the ignorant blame Obama for the collapse of the worlds economy, job losses, bank bailouts etc. the very first day he's in office. Like the Bush crap stops on a dime and Obama is truly responsible. They say "Bush is gone, time to move on," then predictably bash Obama as basis.

    Well Drumpf is destroying America and who's fault is it? Hillary Clinton...Hillary fucking Clinton has never even been POTUS!!! They blame Hillary, not Drumpf.

    The Russians etc. pipe in fake news. Add some Pavlov dog and you get your garden variety red team member.

    The coal miners never think once to educate themselves in clean energy. They think everything should stay the same because 5 generations of hillbillies mined coal and now we (blue team) are ruining their 'way of life'. So they think packing the courts will save their jobs. That's the you vs. me logic FOX 'news' has brainwashed people with who've never left their tiny town in their entire lives, as their parents did, and grandparents did etc. It's like living in N. Korea. They have no idea what reality is other than what they are fed by dear leader.

    "Coastal elite, political correctness" (<---I have no idea what it means, I just hear it alll the time from red team members) vs. no political correctness, 2nd amendment solutions, guns make a polite society. That's the cornerstone of the thought process. Hypocritical ignorance.

    I think you got it right Sid


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