Thursday, September 3, 2020

Trump's America

Riots, anarchy, demonstrators and military-grade militias killing each other, cities on fire. This is what Trump wants you believe is “Biden’s America.” How many voters are that stupid? 
Because he’s describing his America. We’ve seen Joe Biden’s, when he was with President Barack Obama. You might not have liked their policies, but you didn’t see protests with armed citizens shooting at them; nor would they have been praised. Whoever fired the first shots in the recent horrors, it’s only from Trump and rightwing media that we’ve heard laudatory words for confrontational caravans and the Kenosha killer. 
All of it – Americans facing Americans with eyes full of hate, fingers full of triggers – is on Trump and his media deplorables. His campaign began it, and they’ve promoted it ever since.  
Who wouldn’t want to kill demonstrators if they were terrorists who hate America, planning to destroy everything you value, who rape your children before eating them? Other than the sex/cannibal thing, the believers of which Trump has refused to disavow, because “they like me,” that’s what he’s peddling. 
Encouraging mindless fear and hate works, but only for Trump. With his malicious, self-serving encouragement, carloads of the deluded are pouring into “Democrat” cities, ready to defend against … graffiti, mostly.  
This isn’t Biden’s America, nor is it Kamala Harris’ or AOC’s or Rachel Maddow’s. It’s Trump’s and Pence’s. McConnell’s, Hannity’s, Ingraham’s, Limbaugh’s. And Putin’s, who poisons opponents, to Trump’s silence. 
If we can’t say who all the instigators of violence among the peaceful protestors are, investigators found rightwing agitators, aiming to discredit BLM and validate Trumpists’ rage, behind much of it. If lawful demonstrators could control the infiltrators, they would. It’s not what they want. Trump loves it, though. Kellyanne confirmed it 
It’s helpful to remember these encounters are in a few blocks of a few cities. There’s been some destruction, but neither those cities nor America are in flames. That’s not what Trump tells us, though, and it’s not what his angry and armed disciples like to believe. Unfortunately for us all, including them, the country they’re defending isn’t America. It’s Trump’s amoral autocracy.  
In Trump’s America, like his rallies, his party’s convention was a festival of fear, loathing, and blatant lies. In his America, there’s no more briefing Congress on Russian election interference. His DOJ, we’ve just learned, quashed investigations into his financial ties to Russia. Crowdfunding sites are raising hundreds of thousands for a propagandized teenager who, illegally-armed, went looking for trouble and found it, in the lives of two citizens. 
This is the greatness Trump has made. Every arm of government designed to protect us has become an instrument of “presidential” power, not the people’s. Even as we approach two-hundred-thousand dead from a mismanaged pandemic, people defend a “leader” still pushing fake cures and hasty vaccines, while refusing to call for the minor personal sacrifices that would end it. 
Forced to become science-free, the CDC and FDA are mouthing falsehoods, and Trump just hired an unqualified, fringe doctor as his pandemic adviser. Trump’s America is ignorance.  
In Trump’s America, stoking of racial animus is coming from inside the White House. And the Kremlin. Lacking attractive policies, Republicans are silent, because they think it garners votes. Two per person, if Trump has his way. Falling for the lies, Trumpists willingly pave the ever-shortening road to authoritarianism, while Putin does this. 
Think it can’t get worse? How about an amoral, Constitution-ignoring, would-be despot gone fully unglued? If you saw someone raving as Trump did to Laura Ingraham, you’d back away. People in “dark shadows.” Planes filled with “thugs, wearing these dark uniforms, black uniforms, with gear and this and that.” 
Never psychologically sound, Trump has descended into babbling lunacy, even as he questions Biden’s mental health and pushes faked videos to prove it.  
It’s straitjacket-time, except his V.P. just said he “can’t remember” if he was told to prepare to take over when Trump was hospitalized. Right. That’d slip anyone’s mind. Pence is just another corrupt liar with whom Trump has surrounded himself. Barr, Pompeo, Wolf. Ratcliffe, Navarro. The ones not yet indicted.  
Ignoring the obvious, many will vote for him anyway. No sane person can, though, without lying to themselves about an unfit promoter of division, now further unloosed from reality. 
In Trump’s America, it’s lose-lose: if he wins, the Constitution becomes repudiated parchment; if he loses, believing his “rigged” lies, Trumpists will take to the streets, murderously deceived, ready to bring it all down.

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  1. The commentary in yesterdays Herald by Helmut Walser Smith implies that the threat of our great country succumbing to fascism any time soon is unlikely. He delineates the differences between the rise of German fascism and our current state of affairs. He claims that our institutions are too deeply embedded to result in collapsing under autocratic rule.

    I am happy to read this optimistic forecast from an expert analyst of international political affairs. Obviously, the upcoming elections will be the strongest indicator of our future success as a democratic society. Most American citizens who love our self governing constitutional system of freedom and justice for all will patriotically vote to restore it.

  2. I'd love to share your and his optimism, Jack. There are a few reasons I don't: first, Trump has put in place either dishonest or incompetent heads of the institutions intended to protect and preserve democracy, Barr and Pompeo being patients zero.

    And Trump will keep fanning the flames and Trumpists will continue to oblige. Lies and more lies will be spread and swallowed.

    But the other issue is, assuming Trump loses, what will his and his plebes' reaction be? How many shooters in the streets constitute an insurrection? I'm pretty sure there'll be some. And how will the military react? Until Jan 20, even after a loss, Trump's tools will still be in charge of their departments. Lots of damage could still be done.

  3. I've not been a fan of comparing the current strange-ness to any historical occurrence, rather, I think it to be a new despot-ism that history will provide its own, new name to. What I mean by this is before there was "fascism", the name did not apply to government. According to the sage, Rick Steve's Travel Shows, "fascism" came about from an Italian word for a type of bundle of sticks.
    We are in the era of the Bill-ionaire-ism, where the desires of a very few are exercised through a combination of unbelievable wealth and amazing inter-national connections and influence. These things are actual, and, perceived. This strange president is accompanied by a mix of fantastically wealthy individuals who all share a common thread, one of unbelievable egos and self-worth above and beyond their mathematical tabulation.
    In 1901 we had Carnegie and J.P. Morgan involved in "the largest business transaction in modern history" according to Wikipedia, and then-president Teddy Roosevelt became known as the "trust-buster", though what he actually did was to regulate the insanely rich businesses of the time. And, then, the Panic of 1907, where the U.S. President "worked with" J.P. Morgan and a few others saving our country from things similar to today (?), , where it takes Bill-ionaires to tell us how to keep our country from failing, whereas the real reason is because they've hoarded enough money for themselves to tip the scales of responsible government.
    The last 8 years of administration was the worst our country has ever endured for this reason; that is, until the recent 4 years are completed! As others have noted, not another 4, please?
    But then, Joe and Kamala are going to wipe the floor with an orange mop in November. It will be an historical event, the first female, India'n President of the United States! (the 2nd black president, that precedent having been set already). Little doubt Kamala's re-election in 2024 will be something of a no-brainer. I think she'll even select a female V.P., since, guess who will be ready for that then! (AOC).
    I'm not making any of this up, and, I think it will happen. Less than 9 weeks now!
    (oh, cool column btw)

  4. For me, today, this article on the Atlantic's site tears away any remaining mystery concerning why Trump is like he is and why he does the things he does. I think that it's relevant to your column(s), Sid.

    "Trump: Americans Who Died in War Are ‘Losers’ and ‘Suckers’"
    "The president has repeatedly disparaged the intelligence of service members, and asked that wounded veterans be kept out of military parades, multiple sources tell The Atlantic."

    He truly is an extreme, narcissistic sociopath with absolutely no redeeming qualities. None. To him, everyone is a chump. Even the chumps for Trump. How can a president believe that our war dead are all a bunch of losers?!

    We should be very afraid. Afraid of what he'll do if he wins. Maybe more afraid when he loses.

  5. Another great piece brother. If there was ever such a thing, then you'd be doing "Gods work" as they say.

    "How many voters are that stupid?"

    Sadly, about 33% +/- 3%...

    Drumpf should be arrested the minute he is no longer POTUS. He is encouraging voter fraud which is a felony. We all saw and heard. It is evidence of self incrimination. He should be charged. But he won't be. Drumpf has killed 100's of thousands with his "leadership". Drumpf says he "has a smart you know what". In his mobese language he speaks in fluently.

  6. ""How many voters are that stupid?""

    I found the answer.

  7. @ Dr.S - I had that same The Atlantic article sent to me by my military friend. He wasn't as kind as you were in his comments towards the present occupant. He calls himself an Independent, that label being important to him. He knows I'm a Democrat.
    But, we should never be afraid. He'll be gone in a few weeks, and, fortuitously, we'll only get a few months of him as lame-duck instead of four years of that.
    I don't think anyone could possibly imagine what he would do in two final years of lame-duck-ness. Even the imaginations of the perverse can't span that type of iniquity.

  8. @ks — Certainly. A few more months pales in comparison to the likely destruction in a second term. Unless, of course, the Democrats also own both houses. That would almost certainly moderate the damage and ultimately end in impeachment and removal. But the risk of not owning Congress!

    He needs to be branded the loser.

    Imagine his narcissistic pathology having to deal with wearing the brand of "loser president"! Another reason that it's important that he lose is that he will more likely live to see his relative presidential legacy take lasting form. The image that comes to mind for me is that sticky, dirty, smelly stuff that's left on the very bottom when a dumpster has been emptied.

  9. "@ Dr.S - I had that same The Atlantic article sent to me by my military friend. He wasn't as kind as you were in his comments towards the present occupant."

    Yeah, we are colorful characters us military types. Especially the ones in the muck looking eye to eye with some enemy dude.

    "I don't think anyone could possibly imagine what he would do in two final years of lame-duck-ness. Even the imaginations of the perverse can't span that type of iniquity."

    I did...Almost all if not all of it. I said if he's above the law then everything is fair game. Which was followed by many examples. Up to and including shady people in unmarked cars snatching people off the streets. Which was quickly followed by "You are nuts" "That'll never happen" followed by empty shit talk. OR...A comment on how snatching people would be an improvement. But nobody agreed. I saw it coming. Also the "Dominate the streets" plans. Cause chaos and then declare martial law. Purposely bankrupting cities then take them over with "Emergency Managers" when they declare bankruptcy...and more...I have predicted it all. It's history and if you are astute with keen senses, you can see it coming a mile away. I forgot, I'm a radical too...*yawn*...I have family members that really listen and want to know what I think. It's because they've seen it a million times over again. For whatever reason, I have a gift/curse. I can see what's coming. I have a friend I talk to about such things. He's smart enough to listen and actually "get it". He gladly gives me the space to think way out of the box then real it in and find just the right point. Most dismiss me though.

    The good news is we can change it with a little effort and trust in the people who are not able to be bought. Those that easily recognise service with self service. The people like that have avoided politics. Until today...We got Bernie/AOC style politicians running coast to coast. And one seat at a time we are taking back what's ours. People have learned how to monetise the system to their own benefit. Those 100 people or so run EVERYTHING and it's just that simple. They have useful idiots in politics harvested from the island of misfits. Then those idiots become Russian idiots. Then they call me radical and paranoid. It's history and it's old. Yet people fall for it everytime. Fear is a powerful tool.

  10. With arrogant impunity Drumpf, the cowardly draft dodger, slanders the sacrifices made by our valiant military heroic women and men. Meanwhile, his "cult of MAGA" enablers ignore his un-American insults with extreme hypocrisy.

    I question their value systems and ethical standards. Are they so covetous of political power that they would abandon all rationality to continue to hold our democracy hostage? Until now, the answer is definitely YES.

    We shouldn't be required to refight the American Revolution to regain our beloved democracy. Vote and make sure your family and friends vote also. We will win.

  11. @ Dr.S - I can even see the picture with the "L" branded to his forehead, Decemeber's issue of Time (is Time still published?). I agree, a stone-cold loss would be catharsis for our country, a picking off of the scab, a little letting of blood, and then the new tissue has a chance to develop (any basis to that Sid?)
    I've had Facilities responsibility three times in my over-the-hill career. I learned that you can throw a bag of lime (?) to get rid of the smell in the dumpsters. Maybe lime and sulfur, and have a bonfire to cauterize the wound... (here I go again, but the imagery is strong on what's wrong with things).
    Call me crazy, but frankly I think the SCOTUS will turn around for the better after November's blood-letting, too.
    I think we should begin organizing a "Flash-sigh" of our entire nation for Jan. 21. It would be the sigh-heard-'round-the-world (the world will be sighing, too!)

  12. Got an e-mail from Gwinnett Co Registrar "Are You Frank Drackman, or Frank Drackman Jr?" "Yes!" I answered (HT Abbot/Costello) "well both of you are registered, do you need 2 ballots?"


    Frank "I Don't Know!!(How I voted Twice)

  13. Sam Bee...Safely out of the country. It's 2 parts..This is the first

  14. Passing of Tom "Terrific" Seaver hit hard....
    pitcher my "little league Mom" taught me to imitate, the grunt, knee scraping the mound, aggressiveness,(did TT ever throw a breaking ball?) I preferred the cool high leg kick of Vida "True"(HT C. Finley) and Steve "Lefty" Carlton, "Scroogies" of Tug McGraw and "Spaceman" Lee... and don't get it, sure he had to bat, like real Pitchers used to, (OK, forget his unfortunate Whitesox/Redsox years) but don't remember any serious beanings...
    Oh yeah, he was a Marine, during Vietnam, but a reservist, so NOT a sucker.

    Frank "Where are my damn Keys?!?"

  15. Well, Drank ... if you vote both ballots, be sure to drop us a line from the clink.

  16. I s'pose that's no more off-topic than usual, Frankie, (not that it's exclusive to you) but, yeah, he was one of the best ever. Sad to think of him dying the slow death of dementia.

    But as long as you're here, and share with me a past in the military, what are your thoughts on Trump's disrespect. And your dad's. It's been confirmed even by Fox "news," after all.

  17. P.S., Frankie. Looks like he was a better pitcher than a pitch-man:

  18. In an attempt to get back on-article, I read it again. You make such a good case, how can anyone offer much that is better? Or even grab one of the ideas to expand?
    But I did wonder on your last statement, the result of a Trump loss, which you paint with such vigor.
    A thought, but please believe me it's not "Trump-ist", it's a true wondering.
    The looting was done by those who used the protests as an excuse. This was even confirmed somewhat by Chicago's mayor, but, I have eyes and have reviewed many videos that show, clearly, who was doing what. A mix of lost souls, black and white.
    The killings done related to the protests, the same, as you note (? - not trying to put words in you mouth). Interestingly enough, they've been white-on-white, though the CHOP killings were ?-on-black.
    So, now my wonder, if Trump wins (won't happen, but reach for plausibility), will "our" nation erupt in protests, and then the ensuing looting, and killings, etc.?
    When the virus hit, I realized that the Mormon's policies of one-year's worth of food, etc. stockpiled is a good idea. In times past I've been called a "prepper" because I buy lots when there are sale prices with no limits, and I only recently looked that word up (hilarious, if you ever saw me). We saw hoarding along these lines, beyond TP and paper towels. If one truly believes what you wrote, and, since only a few comment here, we would be wise to stock up.
    btw, point of interest not related to anything, but background for "things virus". Monitor this link from time-to-time:
    And, this one for by sea:
    And, this picture of thousands of words:
    My biggest problem has always been I see connections in what you write to everything. Hard to stay on point when there is no single point unrelated.

  19. "The looting was done by those who used the protests as an excuse."

    OK...And? What does that supposed to mean? What is it supposed to tell us?

    "The killings done related to the protests, the same, as you note (? - not trying to put words in you mouth). Interestingly enough, they've been white-on-white, though the CHOP killings were ?-on-black."

    OK...And what are you trying to say with this statement?

  20. Well, I suppose unless you want to now include with the protestors those who break store windows and go in and steal merchandise during a protest, then I was separating them as a group of what they are, thieving dirtbags, who tarnish the intent and purpose of the protests. Mayor of Chicago Lightfoot has brought this up with the difficulties in Chicago.
    As for who-kills-who, so far many white people killed by white people, and three black people killed in CHOP by "person or persons unknown". They've not arrested anyone yet for the murders in CHOP to my knowledge.
    As for what I am saying, it relates to what Sid writes about after the election results are in. One way or another, will there be rioting in the streets? If we really think so, and if it's on a scale that is scary, with many cities assaulted simultaneously, then it would be a good idea for us to prepare for the supply chain difficulties for food (and TP) for the few months it will take for things to normalize again.
    Do you plan on stocking up for that?

  21. @Anonymous,

    You should rely on our good Mormon neighbors to reveal their Christian charity by sharing their wisely stored items with every needy neighbor.

    Panic hoarding will only prolong any perceived famine. We know who is in charge here. It might be a wonderful opportunity to prove our love for one another instead of building walls and locking doors.

  22. @Jack

    I have a couple Mormon friends. Neither build their storehouse.
    It is not hoarding to build a storehouse for what's ahead, especially for the purpose of sharing.
    I agree with you on "panic hoarding".
    The good news at this point is that harvest just happened/is happening as we write our comments here. That wasn't the case when Covid prompted what happened in March/April, where the grains & vegetables weren't ready, and the supply chains weren't in anticipation of what would ensue.
    But, to be accurate to what was written in the Book we both like, Joseph sold what was in the storehouse on behalf of Pharaoh, and when the people of Egypt and Israel had no more money or livestock to purchase it with, they then sold themselves into slavery to the Pharaoh, with Joseph the one who handled the whole arrangement!!
    There's a lesson in there, but I think I shouldn't go further unless Sid would think it OK, which I don't think he wants.
    Suffice it to say, however, if we think problems are coming, now is the time to prepare even to the point of helping our neighbors.

  23. Yunno...I think Drumpf no longer wants to be POTUS. He never really wanted to be but surprise surprise, he won. I am reading headlines and Drumpf is doing everything humanly possible to lose. He just keeps getting more outrageous.

    Think though...This is a guy who never wanted to be POTUS and it was easy to see it was all a marketing campaign. Yet? We have 33% of 'merca saying "He says what we think."

    So what are we going to do with all these hateful people? They are not going away. Something needs to be done. Can we depend on law enforcement? That's a joke. A really really cruel joke at that. I don't think brutalising the citizens will stop. I don't think the attitudes will change anytime soon. White supremacy rage is alive and well. People are too easily lead. They too easily become sheep. There's no strength of character. There's not many "Mad Dog" Mattis' on the Earth.

    I do have faith in our military though. That's where leadership and character are built. It ain't in law enforcement. It ain't in government. It ain't in regular civilian land either. The Edward Snowden's' and Michael Cohen's of the world are few and far between. People who genuinely try to make amends. Throw everything away to start new and to try to rectify any wrongs. Try to be a better person from then on.

    Martin L. King "I have a dream" speach. 2 days later the FBI had him listed as the greatest threat to 'merica. He was shot and killed sometime later. We named the building after Hoover. That's 'merica being "great". 1/3 of the USA wants it to be "great again".

    If your life's philosophy is to shit on others, you need to rethink that. The rest of us are carrying you.

  24. The alt right will vote for the murderer Drumpf and his sycophants like this elected loser. A Senator named John Kennedy from the megashithole state of LA. This is just sickening.

  25. In other news, Drumpf is doing his level best to destroy 'merica with his loud mouth and out of control sociopathic ego.
    Drumpf bragged about our intercontinental missile capabilities and about capabilities the world has never seen. Nothing like starting an arms race for breakfast in the morning. Just another day of this lunatic as POTUS.

    Are we going to allow authoritarianism and austerity to destroy 'merica? Really? Well, we may take the rest of the world down with us.


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