Thursday, September 10, 2020

A Sinking Feeling

God finally let His feelings on Trump be known when He sank those rally-boats. Knowing Trumpists, by nature, would ignore sensible rules and be unconcerned for fellow boaters, creating undrained swamping was easy. “Make Liberals Cry,” said a sign on one of them. Ironic. Rather than feeling concerned for the lost boats, though, let’s agree all boats matter and move on. 

Speaking of BLM, responding to last week’s column, a reader renamed them “Behave Like Monkeys.” On lake and land, one’s impression of Trumpists is confirmed.

Are blind racism and curated hate for liberals enough to justify voting for a flag-hugging faker who considers our troops “losers,” especially those who were captured or killed? Do loyalists believe his denials despite his being on record calling John McCain one? When even Fox “news” confirms the reporting, citing “impeccable sources”? Better known for the peccable kind, Fox’s corroboration is compelling. 

His decline accelerating, on Monday Trump accused military leaders of waging wars to boost defense industry profits. He, who brags about “rebuilding” the military and selling our fabulous weapons around the world. Funny: it’s presidents and Congress, not generals, who start the wars the military wages. Not funny: the “Commander-in-Chief” is decomposing before our eyes. 

None of this bothers Trumpists, as long as he continues to validate their aforementioned bigotry. This week he moved to end racial sensitivity training, calling it “un-American.” In his America, where supporters care only about themselves, he’s right. It’s also admitting he can’t run on managing the economy or the pandemic.

Maybe that doesn’t matter, either. As November approaches, Republican states are in full vote-suppression mode. Even after a detailed study found a sixty-eight-percent error rate when Georgia’s then-Secretary of State purged legitimate, mostly Democratic voters while running for governor, winning narrowly, the state is celebrating another purge-fest. In Florida, the local USPS, taking orders from Washington, refused inspection of two major centers by a Democratic US Congresswoman. 

While that was happening, we learned Trump’s unqualified Postmaster General became a Republican star by unlawfully forcing his employees to make campaign contributions, then laundering reimbursement. Crooks and liars. The lot of them.

Meanwhile, Trump disgorged his own solution to overcoming votes for Joe Biden, urging his people to vote twice. Was he joking? He repeated it more than once. Either way, William Barr, his lying, nakedly partisan, malevolent Attorney General, refused to say if voting twice was illegal in all states. (It’s a felony, Bill.) Then he described an incident of mail-in ballot fraud that never happened. His latest is brazenly federalizing the New York-based defamation lawsuit against Trump by one of his many rape-accusers. Theoretically in office to defend our laws, not the “president,” he’s just another of Trump’s America-destroying lackeys. 

Moving from executive duplicity to pervasive Republican science-rejection, Idaho’s legislature just voted to end coronavirus-related restrictions. Pandemic? Legislate it away. Perfect. 

How many slaps can one forehead take? How much can Trumpists swallow before realizing they’re being poisoned? Whatever the number, we’re not there. Nor will the recent barrage of wildly dishonest ads, falsely edited videos, and deceptive tweets from Trump cause supporters to question where their gilded idol is taking them. 

The “where” is an Orwellian dystopia in which the worst response to the pandemic among all developed nations is, in fact, “the best.” In which his predecessor should be in prison for hallucinated “treason.” In which, deploying his “best words,” he calls his current opponent “stupid” and lies about imminent socialism because he can’t claim anything worthwhile for himself. It’s a world wherein admitted lies about the pandemic are justified to avoid creating “panic,” but claiming liberals will burn your city, open all borders, and outlaw your religion is necessary information. 

The “where” is a fearful country ruled by a delusional sociopath, whose intelligence agencies are afraid the truth will upset him, so they water it down; where they’re ordered to hide the fact that Russian hackers successfully placed vote-erasing malware in voting machines. Also, where climate change doesn’t exist.

Last month, in Seaside, an ISIS-mimicking caravan of trucked Trumpists, bearing long guns and sidearms, occupied its main street, proving, uh, something, looking tough in their mirrors even though no demonstrators were there to intimidate. At a pro-Trump rally in Salem, a speaker, to cheers, called for Democratic leaders to be “shot dead in the streets.” That’s where Trump has taken us. 

And, yes, because we care about America, the planet, our children and yours, it makes liberals cry. 


  1. "Rather than feeling concerned for the lost boats, though, let’s agree all boats matter and move on."

    I can get on board with that!

    I got more to say. But it's midnight. Cya y'all soon :O)

  2. Here in Missouri, especially rural Missouri, tRump is regarded as the second coming of christ. I don't let my political beliefs be known in public. Nor my anti-organized religious beliefs. Out of fear. How f'd up is that? Someone has already run over my mailbox twice in the last year. "Citizen soldiers" send a cold chill down my spine. I can't believe those words came out of a sitting US Senators mouth, but I'm forced to believe. Militia wannabes are predominant in the prepper crowd, which there seems to be an extraordinary amount of those folks herein the Ozarks. Those folks waiting eagerly for the "apocalypse" with thousands of rounds of munitions stashed away just in case someone comes looking for a sandwich. I'm quite certain, regardless of the election results, there will be "citizen soldiers" out to put libtards and democraps in their place. As the late great Carlin said, "Americans have a front row seat to the freak show". Or something close to that. This shit is real, coming to a neighborhood near you. Or I'm a looney tune, either case sucks.

  3. When even Fox “news” confirms the reporting, citing “impeccable sources”? Better known for the peccable kind, Fox’s corroboration is compelling.
    My favorite from the old days of journalism was "an informed source". I always wondered if a reporter would ever give us information from "an uninformed source", but that didn't happen in the old days.
    In the "new" days, however, entire TV networks are spawned out of unsourced "news". So clever, those who do that.
    Do you remember the millionaire who worked to get major publications to headline a false story he planted? It was fun then. Now, it's Bill-ionaires who hardly work to own their own stories.
    Here's the latest list of the world's finest, real-time no-less (!):
    I extracted it and committed it to spreadsheet, so I can analyze these true anus'es of the world, and probe the depths of the excrement they're preparing for all of us to consume. I think I remember you writing in your Surgeon's blog that your (urp) record in surgery was 50 lbs. I pretty sure the Forbe's list is measured in Bill-ions of metric tons, and they literally cover the earth in it.
    (oh, cool article btw, again)

  4. Good column, Sid. So good that, when I read it this morning, I felt a wave of melancholia come over me and didn't think that I would or could comment.

    It's not just Trump and we know that. It's his enablers like Barr. But at some point I think we need to admit that you misspelled Trumpshits five times.

  5. For intellectuals "out there":
    Fascinating. Should be required reading?
    Likely more important as "our" society "progresses" through the 21st century.
    Give thought to when this should be taught in schools, but, perhaps as early as 6th grade, when children begin contemplating the creeps (spelled T-r-u-m-p-s) of the world.
    But then, he's just one of them, and brothers and sisters, did he ever fake a whole bunch of people along 4 years ago.
    But, he ends this November. Rely on it!
    What did Abe say about fooling the people?
    It will be affirmed in November, but the punishment continues and will heighten until January 20, when the unraveling can start.

  6. I am bewildered that seemingly intelligent and good hearted people would ever consider the trumpshit's god a person they would want as a friend or neighbor. And yet, they consider him to be worthy of their loyalty and idolism as their omnipotent leader in authoritarian control of the destiny of their families future as freedom loving people.

    What will it take for them to reawaken? Every unthinkable political action he has foisted on our constitution has been acceptable to his zealous MAGA cult. This "emperor" has no clothes. What we all hear and see is what we get every day without shame or regret on his part.

    Once again in my lifetime our great republic democracy will be counted on to
    courageously vote and reject this evil and unAmerican regime of hate and injustice.

  7. Dammit Jim!(Sid?)(HT L. McCoy M.D., "Surgeon" NCCC 1701*) looks like I'm not the first to notice the SleepyJoe/HHH connection(political, not romantic, although their Senate years overlap, (which is mildly disturbing)

    It's like how every Comet has 5 Japanese discoverers....(Have you seen Tojo/Hirrohito/GreenLantern?/Godzilla/Tanaka??)

    Frank "Dump the Hump!!"(damn flashbacks)

    * "Leonard McCoy, who according to the illuminait, won't be born until 2227, and (will) be an Ole Miss grad(what a loser)"

  8. Wow, even the Cardboard Falcon fans are booing....

    Frank "Blank you Arthur Blankety Blanking Blank"

  9. More than one sinking feeling, eh Frankie? How 'bout Russell Wilson? Pretty good day.

  10. Bravos are looking pretty good, catch the 29-9 (don't you hate pitcher's duels?)blow out of the Marlins(I know, Marlins, but they've got 2 more Championships than some underachieving Pac Northwest teams I know...) Adam Duvall almost had a "Homer Cycle", hitting 2run, 3 run, and a Grand Salami(love the Salami, never mind) ...
    Seriously, I think there's more ersatz Braves fans in the seats this year than some games I went to in the 80's...

    Frank "backbackbackbackback..."

  11. WTF, Frankie? Why can't we go back to emailing, rather than filling my brilliant blog with irrelevancies?

  12. Umm, let me go ask me wife (pause) ah she kinda funny, you know? Everyone funny, now you funny too(HT George Thorogood) Long story, but in the interest of Martial Bliss...Can I help it if I'm a charismatic dude that chicks just naturally are charismated too? so I get(err, got) e-mails/texts/nude phot0s from numerous hotties, I mean young women I've "Mentored" over the years, and as an "Associate Professor of Anatomy" at the local quack, I mean Osteopathic school, ....
    Frank "I'm just checking the Falcon's score!!"

  13. seeker of wisdom and truthSeptember 13, 2020 at 11:09 PM

    When a "seeker of wisdom and truth" ponders the evolution of civilized people, they logically conclude the inevitability of organizing communities for mutual benefits including, among others, protection from the elements and predators. The complexity of these communities increased over modern time and eventually many people desired a voice in controlling their futures instead of relying on the often tyrannical subjection to the whims of a king or dictator.

    Alas, the visionary founding fathers (and mothers) forged a self governing republic democracy out of the ashes of the American Revolution. Drumpf and his guru Steve Bannon hate democracy. Bob Barr and Stephen Miller share this love of autocratic rule from a omnipotent unaccountable sub-diety.

    Let's not succumb to their prehistoric ignorance and use the power of our precious votes to eliminate the internal terrorism threats (KKK, White supremacists, Qanon conspiracists) they promote. Send them back to their caves.

  14. @seeker:

    "Let's not succumb ..."

    Indeed! I am only 25% into a most compelling Atlantic article that discusses collaboration and collaborators, the latter being (as the author states) "someone who works with the enemy, with the occupying power, with the dictatorial regime." She is now contrasting Graham and Romney.

    "History Will Judge the Complicit"
    "Why have Republican leaders abandoned their principles in support of an immoral and dangerous president?"

  15. I've rarely been able to get much more than 25% into Scientific American articles. :-)
    Given the nature of the title, I agree, and don't likely need to read much.
    (actually, I've read quite a few through and through, but generally when they deal with science rather than despots).
    Ms. Applebaum's article is a mere 25 pages, 11,575 words per Msft's Word word counter. A mere 15 times longer than Sid's article for The Herald.
    Only 7 weeks now!

  16. @ks:

    "... and don't likely need to read much."

    Hmmmm. I was riveted and read it straight through this morning, pausing only to comment here. There's much more there: Graham and Romney are simply an early exhibit.

  17. Here we are...The press being brutalised by cops enmass. A dozen cops armed with AR-15's and clubs. All to brutalise a 100lb girl and hide it. The cops lied and the video is clear on that. This is Drumpf's 'merica. The cops are emboldened to break the law as they see fit...and they do and seem to be very organised about it. Like they train to circle their victims to hide the evidence.

    Watch any arrest...They will circle tight to hide their victims from direct view. That's when the really nasty stuff happens. In that huddle. They feel sooper empowered to act as they wish then lie about it later. This isn't some "new" thing. It's a centuries old thing and it needs to change.

  18. @ the Doc:
    OK, I'll give it try given your encouragement.
    She's a good author.

  19. @Doc and Anonymous,

    Please give us your synopsis of the Atlantic article. I had difficulty downloading the original.

  20. @Jack:

    That's a tall order for (me for) such a long piece. The request takes me back to college English class (gulp!). I don't think that I can do it justice but this may help...

    Complicity tends to begin with very small things like little lies and breaking little rules:

    "These kinds of lies also have a way of building on one another. It takes time to persuade people to abandon their existing value systems. The process usually begins slowly, with small changes. Social scientists who have studied the erosion of values and the growth of corruption inside companies have found, for example, that “people are more likely to accept the unethical behavior of others if the behavior develops gradually (along a slippery slope) rather than occurring abruptly,” according to a 2009 article in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology. This happens, in part, because most people have a built-in vision of themselves as moral and honest, and that self-image is resistant to change. Once certain behaviors become “normal,” then people stop seeing them as wrong."

    As the rationalization and acquiescence grows, larger transgressions become easier to accept.

    Punishment is also a tool that is used and Trump certainly wields that effectively. We see Republicans oozing subservience for fear that Trump might call them out. We are far down that road. At this point they have no spines, no values, only acting to please trump and taking advantage of what they can during his reign.

    I don't think that the article mentioned the Republicans that retired rather than join the cabal. That they didn't stay and choose to fight Trump can be seen as protest, but it's a very mild form if you contrast them with Romney. And Romney is no John McCain.

    The author also pointed out that it's difficult to point to anything in particular that causes or enables someone to resist. It can be something very simple. The author closes with the example of a
    member of the polish underground who resisted the Nazis and Communists who was motivated by simply trying to be a decent person.

  21. Hey Doc S.

    "The author also pointed out that it's difficult to point to anything in particular that causes or enables someone to resist. It can be something very simple. The author closes with the example of a
    member of the polish underground who resisted the Nazis and Communists who was motivated by simply trying to be a decent person."

    I talk about it all the time.

    "Strength of Character"

    That's the only thing that separates the bad from the good. Are ya gonna do what's right even when nobody's looking? When you can profit by doing it wrong. Avoid blame by blaming others. Deflect by changing the subject. Also by "minding my own business"(inaction). By not taking initiative(inaction).

    I could go on and on...The deal is this.

    While the things I listed may be easy for some, they are incredibly difficult for others. With Drumpf/sociopaths it's impossible to feel much of anything unless it pleases the sociopath personally.

    One thing I've found in only a couple people I knew personally that practices rigorous honesty. There's only a couple I could think of that I do not know personally that I know lives by rigorous honesty. One of the is Johnny Rotten.

    I live by rigorous honesty and it's hard to do. Until you've done it for decades. Then it's second nature. But that too has some drawbacks. Hurting others being the worst. I don't know what age I was when I started but it was young. Grade school/JHS. I literally never saw a reason to lie about anything. That's stuck with me to this day. People who've known me my whole life will tell you straight to anyone's face "He doesn't lie". People really like that it turns out. It's dependable. My attitude has been since then "Yeah, I screwed up, live with it, I am." And I do the best I can to fix it and move on. I don't need to bathe in defeat or glory. I don't need or even want any recognition ever. It embarrasses me to the point of inaction. Meaning I won't do a big good thing that'll attract attention. I had a difficult time being intelligent or talented. I hid that from everyone growing up. I didn't want to be "above" anyone. I was very comfortable being as small as I could possibly get. I still fight that inaction. Oddly, when I screw up I fight harder to win.

    So that's just a snippet of me again as the example. But as I read, these were my thoughts.

  22. For Jack (not, "at" Jack)
    Because I see things through the lessons and lens of Scripture, it will not be possible for me to synopsize in my words an article written by an unbeliever about what she "believes", since how I frame all things are in words not wanted. For that reason, and with respect for Sid, who doesn't want folks like me to comment in what he sees as "religiosity", I'll politely decline your challenge.
    On the other hand, if we ever do meet, I would talk whoever's ears off about these things for as long as they don't leave, though I would always yield the floor to their thoughts, too. After all, when two or more are gathered, there He is.
    I'll hope you understand, since you're well-schooled in these things.
    It's not for lack of want, mind you, it's for what I think Sid's wants are, which I respect, and, for which I may be utterly wrong about.
    That said (rather written), it was a fascinating article by a very good writer.

  23. For the Doc
    In addition to reading the article, I did my due-diligence on who Ms. Applebaum is, and what one can find out about her and her affiliations, which are many. I haven't harvested the extent of them at all, but here's a first cut. She is a Sr. Fellow of something called the Stavro Niarchos Foundation, which no one knows about though they should. Old enough ones, that is. For who Stavro Niarchos was, just think of Aristotle Onassis (yes, of the Kennedy widow Onassis), Stavro being his chief Greek competitor for ownership of world-wide shipping. His success indicated by the fact that he at one time owned 80 (!!!) oil-tankers (!!!).
    Shall we be suspicious of "benefactor" organizations funded by the very people who put all of us in the mess we are today? Stavros was not a "Baby-Boomer", he was of the "World's Greatest Generation". I say this with all the cynicism it is due. He was a consummate and complete bas____, as far as the now-green generation is concerned.
    But, what does this have to do with Ms. Applebaum? I'm still processing that, but I wanted to at this time make thinkers aware of the root(s) of so many things written these days. Competition for awareness was covered by Ms. Applebaum in her article, but that requires some thought.
    I will mention, if Sid allows, that Ms. Applebaum mentioned "Like King David in the Bible". In her utterly wrong interpretation of Scripture, she compares a wrong understanding of the lessons of that king (small "k" btw) in crazed fashion to the current occupier. (if Sid allows) that king David and his kingship unified a divided Israel in Scripture, which is NOT what the orange-haired one is doing. I could offer a different one to her if she would listen, but then I would agree that her readership would not be able to comprehend it, and, I don't think she would either.
    I'll confess to offering a lesson here, one that could be used against complicit so-called "evangelical pastors", but, again, as you've noted to me before Doc, "not here".
    (I can't help but wonder then, Go? Go? Where? This is a most amazing clip, for what I'm referring to start at a little after 2 minutes. But, really, watch the whole thing. This remains one of the best movies ever made! So appropriate for today.

  24. I "allow" most comments, ks, no matter how far afield; except for personal insults to others. Usually without comment.

    In this case I'll say what I may have said elsewhere, and which I probably shouldn't here: relying on scripture is akin to the last person in a game of telephone: it's been translated, edited, mistranslated through several languages so many times that it can't be the immutable word of God, if it ever was.

    One could argue, of course -- and many do -- that each revision and translation and omission was by the hand of God guiding the hands of those who took it upon themselves to redo and update.

    One thing is not in dispute, though: the artwork in the early versions is astoundingly beautiful. I've seen some in Italy, in churches which were also beautiful, if representing lots of money taken from people who couldn't afford it, on promises not to be kept.

  25. No worries, that's certainly an old argument.
    I've worked with others before on that very thing.
    Some will. Some won't.
    As for the artwork, those things are simply one or a few persons interpretation about what they've read. It's easy to tell those who have read, and those who haven't.
    For instance, the "beautiful" depiction of the Last Supper can't be.
    We could have fun with that, but it would be best with coffee, and I've had mine for the day. Perhaps to-morrow...

  26. It'd be nice to arrange a coffee meetup when the dust clears, as it were, with all the regulars who are interested. Keeping it in mind.

  27. Thank you Dr. Strangelove, Smoothie, ks, and Dr. Schwab for guiding me in my search. I respect all of you for candidly expressing your wisdom. Each of you are passionate expressers and advocates for opening our God given minds to consider the opinions of people who we trust as "teachers".

    As long as LOVE for each other is central to our discussions, we can accomplish great things here.

  28. I will say this about that. For instance, let's accept your understanding, the telephone game. To that I would wonder if, even in that environment, since the purpose of the Book is in the lessons it offers, would you accept those lessons if they were sound to you?
    For instance, in a read of Genesis 14 with the help of Genesis 10 there are at least 10 lessons that are directly applicable for our lives, ones I would like for all young people to be taught. Not mincing words, if young people were taught those lessons, without being obscured or tainted by the vanity of the teacher, we would have far fewer a__holes in the world. This, even if the Book were purely regarded as total fiction.
    Just a few of those lessons are:
    - don't accept the bribes or even the appearance of a bribe of others.
    - offer the bounty of a harvest for the poor to feed on as well, in charity.
    - look for peace, literally scan the horizon, for opportunities for peaceful offering among those who may interpret things wrong.
    - don't accept the hostile actions of others, even in overwhelming odds.
    - we are all brothers and sisters, go back far enough, even from the same fathers and mothers. (heck, anthropology even "says" this!)
    ...I could go on, but it would be so much richer speaking to these things through the writings I mentioned, even with your hypothesis that they are changed from their original many times.
    That is how I would approach the issue of no faith in what is written. But, it would require someone to read what is written for the discussion. Perhaps you did so at one time? (I'm reading something into the name "Schwab". My apologies if I'm wrong.)

  29. I agree there's much in the Bible that applies to our lives. I'd argue, though, that virtually all of it (well, not the stone your adulterous wife or your disobedient son to death, or avoiding clothes of two materials...) can be derived from what some would call common sense, mixed with the human trait (notably absent in denizens of 1600 P.A.) of empathy.

    I've always found religious arguments interesting; in my better blog, Surgeonsblog, I occasionally posted a "weekend rant" about religion or politics, which, because several people (of the thousands) who visited there were annoyed by it, led to creating this one. I'd rather not, though, turn this blog into a venue for that, unless I post something related to it as the topic.

  30. You would find more agreement with me regarding what's happening in churches than disagreement. But the intent of the law is for people to not break the law. Amazing, the thought that some would, even in light of mortal punishment.
    That even sounds like a lesson, no?
    I work diligently to help you in your "rathers". I've noticed Mythigator does a good job not getting sucked into that as well.
    Thanks for hosting this, and I enjoy reading your contributions to The Herald, just as I enjoy reading occasionally your Surgeonsblog.

  31. Hey Cory (and Frankie indirectly for different reasons)..

    The alt right got smashed in 2018 over opposition to Obamacare. The same Obamacare the alt right said Obama was "Too afraid to run on". Then tried the "repeal and replace" scam on their own voters/all voters. They got smashed at the ballot box.

    Well, now it's the Senates turn. A mountain of seats to defend with a voting record they can't run on. How ironic.

    I hope the Dems. take the Senate. We'll see if the useful idiots can see through the scam artists. I have little to no hope.

  32. Well, it didn't take long for the Drumpf's to start the "I'm a martyr" snowflake campaign.

    The most powerful man on the planet is being picked on by women of color. Poor poor thing.

  33. As a result of this...The 2 clocks in front of the WH is Black Lives Matter Plaza.

  34. They are on full troll mode now...lmao

    Such an easy target in a target rich environment.

  35. OUCH!

    Drumpf is a criminal...I hope they give him the chair. Old Sparky. Like we used to do. When 'merca was great.


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