Friday, November 6, 2020

"Cry More, Lib"

Because of what is, I sent this in before final election results. Perhaps they’ll be known, sometime. 

No matter what, and as nice as the prospect of returning to honest, competent governance is, Trumpism is far from vanquished. Sixty-some-million voters considered Trump’s ceaseless torrent of lies, inciting hatred for fellow citizens, taking credit for things he didn’t do, refusing to admit failures, his and his family’s cashing in on his office, his racism and encouragement of white supremacists, kidnapping and putting children in cages, no plans for the next four years other than more lying and grift, and said, “More, please.” 

The question of how that’s possible was answered, succinctly, by Madison Cawthorn, twenty-five-year-old, newly-elected US Representative from North Carolina. Having previously boasted that he’d crossed off a bucket-list item by visiting Hitler’s home in Berchtesgarden, and claimed that Cory Booker “wants to ruin white males,” his first action after his election was to tweet, “Cry more, lib.” And there you have, as they say, it.

When a “president” has no agenda, when his party didn’t even bother with a platform before the election, there’s nothing to vote for. Clearly, then, it’s about voting against. “Libs.” Who believe every citizen has a right to vote without standing in line for ten hours; who think people of all colors, religions, sexual orientation, place of birth, political preference, and economic status deserve to be treated fairly and to have an opportunity to thrive. On a livable planet. With access to quality, affordable healthcare. Worse: they believe in science and prefer facts over Fox. Yep: if anyone should be made to cry or have “it” stuck to them, it’s those who choose community over Trumpic hate.

Having failed to build a Mexico-paid wall (and only a few miles, by taxpayers); failing to produce a healthcare plan; making a pandemic worse by mocking and ignoring everything that would have helped; maintaining – until he didn’t – the Obama recovery only by producing massive budget deficits, and creating fewer jobs in his first three years than President Barack Obama did in his final three, before the pandemic; having been duped by “lover” Kim and BFF Putin; with coronavirus cases at all-time highs; lacking anything substantive to offer, Trump could only conduct campaign rallies that were nothing but super-spreader hate-fests. Over chants of “Lock them up,” and “Fire Fauci,” no positive ideas were heard. Not one. Which was still damn near good enough to get him reelected.

Prematurely ejaculating self-canceling cries of victory and fraud, Trump stumbled upon a new word: “Disenfranchise.” In his troubled mind, counting all legitimate votes disenfranchises those already counted, if thorough counting takes time. Inigo Montoya has something to say about word-choice.

Trump’s lawsuits and accusations of fraud have been accompanied by no actual examples. He doesn’t care. Nor does he consider preserving faith in democratic institutions part of his job. If polls were wrong, predictions of his post-election perfidy weren’t. Thursday, his crudely dishonest speech characterized counting votes as “finding” them, “whittling” his down after he’d “won.” While complicit liars amplify the mendacity, armed believers mass threateningly outside vote-counting locations, brainwashed into sedition. 

Leading up to the election, Fox polled one-hundred-thousand voters. By margins of around seventy-percent in each category, they favored upholding Roe v. Wade, universal access to healthcare, DACA citizenship, more spending on renewable energy, and agree that racism is significant, in the country at large and in policing. 

Which, you’d think, means the anticipated “blue wave” would have happened. That it didn’t means Trumpists have no idea what liberalism actually stands for. Because Democrats are less good at lying than today’s Republicans, and because they have nothing as effective as rightwing media at inseminating misinformation, millions of people voted against their own priorities. Whatever it is they think liberals are, “own” them and “make them cry” trumps everything. That’s Trumpism. That, and the dangerous, lie-based, post-election anger Trump has fomented.

If Joe Biden assumes what was considered, until Trump, leadership of the free world, and if Republicans keep the Senate (we won’t know till Georgia’s January runoffs), Mitch McConnell will be the most powerful and least honorable man in America. Singly, he’ll keep Democratic legislation from consideration and progressive nominees from approval; disenfranchising (!) seventy-four-million winning voters.

That’s what happens when millions of Trumpists think like Madison Cawthorn. Electing an ignorant football coach, for example, rather than a man who beat the KKK in court. Spineless Lindsey Graham and Susan Collins. And, a metaphor for our times, a guy who died from Covid-19 a month ago.


  1. I know I predicted Biden by a landslide, but, in a very real way, this is soooo much sweeter. T-he gets to watch every thing he thinks is winning for him, lose for him, "in syncopated time", to borrow from Simon & Garfunkel.
    If I thought T-he had any shred of conscience, I might applaud his thinking of every person he's offended, and how even a small number of them would have allowed him to win. But, that's not likely, of course.
    Too, he'll get to see just how ineffective suing and/or being sued is in taking over a nation that is sooooo tired of him.
    I even think SCOTUS will scoff at him, since he can no longer do anything about them whatsoever.
    Biden's non-acceptance speech was superb, btw. And, Harris NOT speaking at all was just as good. She'll get her time and place, but for now, silence is good strategy.
    Will still be interested in comments on Nov. 13, which will be when it is abundantly clear to all who won. But, until the states certify results, the obstinate one will still, uhhh, obstinate. We can be sure of that.
    (rear view mirror moving away this time? hope not :-)

    1. What's the meaning of "T-he"? I know who you mean, but what's the code?

    2. Just can't bear to write his name anymore.
      Can't wait until he disappears, it will be a long 2-1/2 months.

  2. Thank God. If the conservative televangelism industries preachers who believe that God chose Drumpf four years ago to be president, it must be true that He has now chosen Biden.
    DEMOCRACY is preserved for now. Once again our blessed nation has rejected autocratic subjection to the evil whims of an untrustworthy tyrant. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and all the dictators who ruled by lying and deceiving their people, longing for freedom and justice for all, have been defeated.

    Both parties could benefit mutually by moderating their extremes. And, the nation would become a truly United State. Thank God.

  3. I'm trying to imagine the concession speech that we'll probably never hear. I don't think that he's man enough to do it. More compassionately, his severe psychopathology will prevent him. I think that he'd suffer a(nother) stroke if he had to stumble over someone else's semi-reasonable words.

    When I can't help thinking about the damage that he might do in coming weeks, I feel somewhat better by realizing that this election result is a two-fer: we are about to be disBARRed!

    The presidential rankings that historians and poly-sci types produce will no longer provide reliable assessments. Sure, Donny's going to be dead last, but a simple ranking won't come close to characterizing the Trump travesty. They'll need a logarithmic scale just to ensure that Trump's name can make it onto the bottom of the page.

    1. Am trying to remember the comic strip (remember those?) which had only an asterisk where the character was, and what was then captioned.
      Just as Covid has turned sports into asterisks for the next who-knows-how-long, T-he has turned historical assessment into a strange contrast. To say it is a low bar is to say there even is a bar for comparison.
      I like the two-fer aspect, too. And think there will be many more as well. It will be an interesting next four years.

    2. Doonesbury rings a bell, asterisk-wise.

    3. I fact-checked my recall. Doonesbury used an asterisk to depict George W. Bush.

      I haven't read Doonesbury in years. In the course of my fact-checking, I found out that Trump has always been depicted as himself, rather than an icon, albeit caricatured with extremely bad hair.

      George H.W. was the first to get the "icon" treatment from Doonesbury. I thought he had simply been depicted as invisible with a cluster of radiating lines showing where his speech was coming from, but he was actually a "point of light".

  4. Drumpf will never concede. Ever. Ever. He'll always claimed he was robbed. Always. Always.

    Drumpf can leave or they'll help him out. That's how it's going to go. Also, with the Senate in the balance with 2 Georgia runoffs, the turnout will be off the charts. The alt right will run the same play in Georgia as well.

    I hear ya on the fascination with "owning the libs". being charmed by disgusting memes and really lame t shirts. The alt right is the party of the uneducated and ignorant. That's science and not opinion. It's factual information. The "libs" are more highly educated and culturally modern. Simple facts.

    As for those that preach "moderation" and "silence". Yes, that's how you treat a bully. Right?
    Nope, bar's closed, you don't have to leave but you can't stay here. Then it's do I need to call the cops? Then the cops come and haul the trespasser away. That's how a snowflake leaves power. That's how he'll leave. With a United States Marine making sure the door don't hit him in his soopersized ass and get his tiny hands dirty.

    No, we need to put the peddle to the metal. We have a nation in crisis and we need the alt right to shut up and be quiet, not the left. Karma is a bear and if we win the senate its all over but the cryin'.

    Funny how in the end, it's the libs that took it on the chin and came off the mat to win and the alt right is the ones who are crying and complaining.

    For those that want to do right wing terrorism as a response to you losing an election. Register voters instead and wait for next election.

  5. Here's why I have major problems with religion and the alt rights highjacking of religion.

    Do we really want these people anywhere near the button? Really?
    Just watch the first minute and you'll get the whole idea, no need to see more. It's pathetic...


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